Strong Is The New Pretty

Strong Is The New Pretty
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I don’t know about you, but when warmer weather nears, I tend to panic a little.  I’m suddenly aware of all my imperfections that will be on display in tank tops and shorts. However, I’m proud to say that this year I’ve managed my weight better than in years past. I’ve been more disciplined in my eating habits and tried to maintain an active lifestyle.

This year instead of focusing on weight loss, my goal is to become stronger for summer. The women I’ve always admired most weren’t the necessarily the prettiest, they were the strongest- inside and out.

XBar Fitness System

With a family and a very busy household, it is nearly impossible for me to get the gym. I’ve had to get creative and find fitness options that I can do at home. I strongly recommend X Bar Fitness System as an option for Moms and Dads that aren’t able to get to a gym but crave physical activity.  I really like that it is transportable and puts the power of a full gym in one system! There are also plenty of great X-Bar exercise videos available on YouTube and the X Bar website.

XBar Fitness System

The X Bar is a complete gym in one handy piece of equipment! Started by a former pro-snowboarding legend, Damian Sanders. He worked tirelessly to build a portable, full body workout system that could be effective and affordable.

“Never before has a portable home gym device combined a curl bar, a push up bar, an ab-slider and a doorjamb cable system into one simple and incredibly stylish product. The innovative X BAR replaces an entire gym full of equipment and delivers a unique and challenging full body workout unlike any other.”  – Damian Sanders (creator of X-Bar)

Curious to know how one piece of equipment can do all of that? Check it out:

One really difficult place for me to tone up has always been my arms. Wouldn’t it be great it there was a product out there that would help you tone up and you wouldn’t even have to think about it? Skinny Me Bangles have been the long-awaited answer to my prayers!

Skinny Me Bangles

These hand-painted bangle bracelets weigh a half pound each. I love that they are so fashionable and cute; you can wear them out and tone your entire arms at the same time! This is the perfect multi-tasking product! I love that I can clean the house and work on my fitness!

Skinny Me Bangles

What products help you stick with your fitness goals? Have you discovered any great products that encourage your body to be strong and beautiful! I’d love to hear your thoughts!

For More Information on these Companies & Products:

X Bar Fitness: Website / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / YouTube

Skinny Me: Website / Facebook / Twitter


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