Spring Break is over

Spring Break is over

Spring Break is over!  Hello Monday!  I was so looking forward to today!  My son is back at school after a week and a half off of school!  Having him home all day is stressful and overwhelming for both of us.  He gets bored and I am unable to get everything done.

I am really happy that school is back in session.  This year, we were unable to go on vacation for Spring Break.  I would have loved to go back to Walt Disney World again!

Last week, I fell in love!  I discovered yoga!  After reading Yoga For Beginners, it really motivated me to really give yoga a try.  The book clearly discussed and explained yoga and why it is so beneficial for you.  I read the book in one night and loved it.  After finishing the book, I decided to give yoga a try the next day!

Before, I never wanted to get into yoga itself, I didn’t want to “jump on the bandwagon,” so to speak.  But, yoga won me over!  It is helping me with stress.  I am also learning to breathe deeply and stretch!  Yoga is helping me relax and feel zen during the day.

I used to do yoga and pilates with Denise Austin when she had a morning workout program on Lifetime.  Since I find Denise Austin so motivating and positive, I found several of her yoga workouts on youtube.  I also have several other yoga and pilates videos bookmarked and I rotate them throughout the week.  When I mix my workouts up, it keeps me from getting bored.

For yoga, my favorite mat to use is the Northern Lights Yoga Mat!  I love my mat!  You can see my Northern Lights Yoga Mat review.  The color is motivating to me.  Each time I do yoga, my concentration improves, and I can calm my soul and soothe my body.

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