Soften Swimmer Hair

Soften Swimmer Hair

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I am looking forward to the summer months! I normally do not swim but this year, I plan on spending time by the pool! I hope to attend a few pool parties and even blog poolside! I am also looking forward to swimming and having drinks by the pool! Yes, that is my plan for this summer!

Since pools are public and exposed to the outdoor weather and elements, chemicals are needed. You need to use chemicals to keep the water and the pool clean. It is natural to think that your skin and hair will be affected by the chemicals. With that thought, what will happen to the healthy shine in your hair? What about your skin looking and feeling dry? Of course, I want to prevent this before it happens!

It is important to take care of your skin and hair, especially after swimming.

We use sunscreen as well as after suncare products. You can purchase products specifically for “after suncare” products. We covered a few products, stop by our tips on how to Protect Your Family Before and After Fun In The Sun.

For your hair, you can use deep conditioner or even some amazing beauty oils!

Radia Shampoo and Conditioner

To help clarify and soften my hair, I use fabulous hair care products, such as Radia Clarifying Shampoo and Radia Clarifying Conditioner.  As you can see, the products are sealed.  I removed the caps and there is an additional seal to remove.

Radia Clean Hair

Here is a picture I took after using Radia Shampoo and Conditioner! Can you see how bright it is outside? Can you see how soft my hair is? Yes, it really is softer!  I love the body and volume my hair has too.

Radia Shampoo and Conditioner helps to remove build up of product in my hair. This is perfect for the entire family to use! Not just reserved for after pool care for my hair.

As always, DS Laboratories Radia Shampoo and Conditioner are high quality and concentrated. You only need a little dab and add more product as needed.  Any time I try a new product, I start with just a little bit and then add more when I need it.

You only need to use the Radia Shampoo and Conditioner a few times a week to keep your hair looking it’s best!

As the weather heats up and your family is playing in the sun, remember to take care of your skin and hair!

You can find Radia Shampoo and Conditioner on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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