Smooth Beach Glow

Smooth Beach Glow
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Summer is here. While some kids are still in school, others are already enjoying their summer. Summer always seems to fly right by, so enjoy it!

With all sunny days of fun, your skin will start to get dry in the hot summer weather. Imagine the hot sun shining down on your skin. Take care of the largest organ by using the right moisturizing products.

You need to look into the coconut oil formula line from Palmer’s. I love coconut oil since I use it for all my hair, skin and nail needs. I also love the smell of coconut as it reminds me of the beach, wearing sunscreen and having drinks whiling soaking up the sun. Can you tell I’m ready for a trip to the beach?

The Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Oil has three different oils into it to make the oil a blended luxuriously rich moisturize for your skin. While I love using it on my skin, I also enjoy using it on my scalp to add moisture to my dry scalp.

When you have dry areas of your body, such as elbows and knees, it can take body butter to hydrate your skin. Well, this is where the Palmers Coconut Oil Body Cream makes an excellent super thick barrier to help lock in the moisture. This body cream is so thick that I like putting it on my feet, add my fuzzy socks on and allow the cream to soothe and smooth my feet overnight.

Palmer's Coconut Oil Body Lotion

The Palmer’s Coconut Oil Body Lotion is perfect for to use any time of day and is superb for the whole family. I even use the lotion on my son’s dry skin.  With a product that offers 24 hours protection to create moisture that is packed with vitamins to keep you looking fabulously smooth. The bottle is perfect to keep at home with the pump dispenser.

The 2 oz Palmers Coconut Oil Hand Cream bottle comes in very handy when you are on the go. I already keep a small bottle hanging in my car and did not realize how often I use it when I have it available at my fingertips.

Using coconut oil based beauty products on your skin can create a “Smooth Beach Glow” that leaves your skin ever so healthy looking!

Palmer’s is one of my favorite brands to use for my whole family.  Coconut oil helps soothe the skin.  The products are perfect to use after spending time under the sun!

You can find Palmer’s on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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