Smoking: Using Hypnotism to Kick That Nasty Habits’ Butt

Smoking cigarettes. It used to be acceptable in restaurants, the workplace, and pretty much anywhere. As we as a society have become more aware of the health issues surrounding smoking, we have become less accepting of smoking in public places.

Smoking Using Hypnotism to Kick That Nasty Habits' Butt

Smoking Using Hypnotism to Kick That Nasty Habits’ Butt

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do. As far as addictions go, it is one of the toughest habit to kick. I smoked for fifteen years when I started trying to quit smoking. I say started trying because it was quite a journey.

Being Ready to Quit Smoking

First, I had to be ready to quit. If you are not ready, the chances of success are minimal. I began by trying to just quit cold turkey. For some people, while not recommended, this method works. For me, it did not. Next, I decided to try the patch. I had some success with the patch but I had issues with the actual patches leaving rashes and overall they made me nauseous and I had some other minor side effects. There are medications out there that the doctor can prescribe to help with cravings. However, a friend used that method and had some major health issues related to the medication. As a result, I decided that was not the right method for me.

An Alternative

Frooty Sour Watermelon Vape

Frooty Sour Watermelon Vape

After trying the patch, and deciding that prescription drugs were out, I tried a vape pen. I did not like this at all. It was nothing similar to smoking a cigarette and I decided it probably would just open me up to becoming addicted to vaping. I do use an electronic hookah that has no nicotine at all, like the one below, when I get the occasional residual craving.

Fantasia E-Hooka Surfer Pineapple Coconut

Fantasia E-Hooka Surfer

A Method that Helped Me Quit Smoking

My next method of choice, one I had heard quite a bit about, and the one that stuck was hypnotism. When most people hear about hypnotism, they think of the hypnotists you see at the fair that make volunteers do silly things like bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken. That is not what hypnotism for smoking cessation is like. It really is about having a conversation with yourself and changing the way you think and how you think about smoking.  The experience is sort of surreal. You go in as a smoker and in my case a heavy smoker, and you come out magically not thinking about smoking or cigarettes.

Hypnotism Options

Now, of course, this method like all the others does not work for everyone. You have to be open to it and again, you have to ready to quit. Most places offer the service for anywhere from $170 to $300. In most cases that includes multiple sessions or includes one session. With most one session options, the service is money guaranteed. Choosing a service that is money guaranteed, means you can go back as many times as it takes for it to stick. The only disadvantage to this is if the hypnotherapist goes out of business or retires.

I had excellent results with a service that was money guaranteed. The first session worked for me and while there are always times when having a cigarette sounds good, I was able to quit for four years using hypnotism. I went on vacation and began smoking again, but I quickly went back and got hypnotized again. So far the method has worked for me again. Whatever method you use, just remember that it is work. You have to be willing to put the work in and if you are, you too can break that nasty habit!

Do you have a habit that you would like to let go of? Comment below and tell us what habits you would like to ditch?


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