Smashbox Kohl Liner and Brow Tech

Smashbox Kohl Liner and Brow Tech

Beauty Brite Disclosure

This post is written by Stacy, a member of my review team. She received sample products to review in exchange for her honest opinion.

After almost giving up on using eye liner all together I am very glad I got to review the Smashbox Always Sharp Waterproof Kohl Liner. I have used numerous types of eye liners in the past and after not being able to find one that is easy to use, does not smudge, and long lasting I had almost gave up completely and started using eye shadow as a liner. After testing this product I now have the faith I need to start using eyeliner again.

My Favorite thing about this product is the fact that it self-sharpens every time you twist the cap off. I never have to worry about sharpening it, wasting any of the product by sharpening too much, or it not being ready to use at the time I am in need because we all know us ladies are forever in a hurry when trying to get our last little touches.

Being a kohl eyeliner the colors in these eyeliners are very rich in pigment. I love the way this product glides onto my eyes. I have so much control, I almost feel as if I am a makeup artist while applying onto my own eyelids. I tried the French Navy and the Sumatra Brown. Having brown eyes I loved the unique pop that the French Navy game me. This product comes in 8 wonderful colors and I cannot wait to try more colors especially the bare nude on the inner rim of my eyes for a nice pop. Knowing this product is waterproof and can be safely used on my inner rim is an added plus.

Brow Tech

Having very thick and full eyebrows I have never used a brow product in the past just assuming that it is a fill in for thin brows. After going online and watching a few tutorials on how to best use the Smashbox Brow Tech, I realized this is a nice product to have to shape, frame and define my face. I did not have the #12 angled brow brush to apply this product, although I had one that was very similar. Using the darker shade to define as I watched in the video, and the lighter shade to fill in my brows I couldn’t believe the difference just this one little step made in creating my finished face. The way is also a great product to use even when not using the powders Just to keep your browns groomed and in place.

Disclosure: This review is written by Stacy. Stacy is a part of my review team. She received sample products to review in exchange for her honest opinion. She did not receive financial compensation for this review.

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