Small Changes Yield Big Results

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Everyone wants to live a long, healthy life. And most of us wish we could do more to help the environment, as well. There’s seems to be almost too much information floating around about these issues. It can be downright daunting to make decisions about what we can easily and effectively do to better the health of our bodies and the world around us at the same time.

You could look at this from a glass half-full perspective and decide that there’s way too much information for you to ever adequately process it and make a truly informed decision. But, I propose a much more radical response. Take a step back and look at it from a glass half-full perspective.

Yes, there is tons of information available about how to live healthier lives and take better care of our bodies, homes, and the natural world all around us. The good news is that you don’t have to read or learn all of it to make a positive impact!

Let’s face it. How many times have you made large, sweeping changes to how you live with the purpose of being a better caregiver to yourself or steward to the environment? If you have, and succeeded in permanent change, congratulations. If you have, and then found yourself backsliding into less healthy habits, welcome to the real world that most of us live in.

My advice, stop thinking so big. Small changes are easier to maintain long-term and can have just as positive an effect. Take your personal care routine, for example.


Did You Know…?

One of the easiest ways to support bodily health is by taking about 3 seconds a day to take a multivitamin, probiotic, or product to support other needs like antioxidant support or collagen levels?

That the carbon footprint of liquid soap is much larger than that of more traditional bar soaps?

Or that while we all want whiter teeth, that most whitening strips contain chlorine dioxide or other harsh chemicals?


I know, that last one is the reason many people avoid over the counter teeth whitening products. But, don’t give up on the idea yet because there are products out there that can deliver teeth whitening benefits with natural, more gentle ingredients.

ORALGEN NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening System

One such product is ORALGEN NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening System. It is a peroxide-free formula that is vegan, gluten-free, is developed with 99+% natural and food-grade ingredients, and uses an LED light technology to whiten teeth in a more natural, gentler way. It’s gentle enough to use even for those with sensitivity issues. It’s not only recommended by dentists, it’s been cleared by the FDA. Also, NOT found in this product are Latex, Parabens, Sulfates or Sodium Fluoride.

My mom spent a lot of money on braces to straighten my teeth as a teen. She even spent more than she had to to get me porcelain braces rather than the awful metal ones. We weren’t exactly rich, so I am really, really grateful for her willingness to spend the extra money!

For this reason, and also because your smile is what people see first about you, I like to use teeth whitening products at least several times a year to keep them looking their best. I’ve tried all kinds of products in my journey to whiter teeth — from gels to whitestrips to LED systems to toothpastes. Some I’ve liked better than others.

And, of course, it crosses my mind with each new product to read the ingredient label. I’ll admit, I’m more interested in whether this kind of product produces results than I am in being healthier or more environmentally-friendly and out of all the products I’ve tried I do have my favorites.


ORALGEN NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening System

But, if you want to have whiter teeth and being kinder to yourself and the environment is something you want to reconcile, ORALGEN NuPearl offers a system that allows you to have it both ways. And most importantly, it’s absolutely effective!!! It boasts the ability to whiten teeth up to 8.4 shades lighter in just 7 days.

I can’t say for sure if that’s true, because my teeth aren’t very stained or yellow (due to my ongoing occasional use of whitening products already) but I can say that it definitely lives up to the claim to be a gentle, sensitive product. My teeth are looking whiter and brighter, too, after using it.

This is where I mentioned small commitments being able to have positive effects earlier. Teeth whitening not only benefits the health of your teeth, it boosts your self-image and self esteem, too while not being something you have to take the time to do on a daily basis. And, if you can use an environmentally-conscious product in the process then that’s definitely a win-win! Wouldn’t you agree?

ORALGEN NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening System

For the occasional deeper treatment you just dispense some of the ORALGEN NuPearl gel into the included mouth tray, turn on the LED light and insert it into your mouth for 10-20 minutes. This isn’t something you will have time to do daily, obviously. But, in between the times you do use the tray and light, the kit also has included a handy whitening gel pen that you can use to apply a thin layer of product (a few times a week or daily if you choose) between the longer treatments to maintain the whitening effects you get from the longer sessions.

Like I said, small changes can produce effective results while still being kinder to the environment. If you’re gonna spend time in the store choosing a product to whiten your teeth, it takes zero extra effort to choose a natural, environmentally-friendly product versus one made with harsher, chemical ingredients.


While we’re on the friendly environment train of thought, did you know that those super convenient bottles of liquid soap have a much larger carbon footprint than more traditional bar soaps? Yeah! I didn’t know that either. During a single hand washing we can be using up to seven (7) times more soap when we use liquid versus bar soap. And using more soap means more chemicals and resources are used for the same clean we could be getting with less waste and water pollution.

My house is totally guilty on this front. We have three bathrooms as well as a kitchen sink and a bar sink in the kitchen island. And sitting right next to every stinking one of those five sinks is a bottle of liquid soap! And while I do try to not use a full pump of soap just to wash my hands, I can’t say that my kids always follow my lead on that.

I would love to say that I will be jumping off the liquid soap bandwagon, but I know realistically I probably won’t. For me, it’s because I do a lot of dirty jobs to keep this house running — cleaning up animal poop and vomit, trips to the chicken house to care/feed/collect eggs, cleaning toilets, etc. You get it, some of what we do as parents is just super GROSS!!! I don’t want to worry every time I pick up a bar of soap at the kitchen sink if I’m getting chicken or dog poop or anything else disgusting from the surface. So, the kitchen sinks will remain liquid soap areas for me so that I can use my forearm to pump soap onto my disgusting hands when they need a good clean.


BUT … where I can make a small difference in soap usage is in our bathtubs and showers. That’s where we use bar soap anyway. This neat little product is called a SoapStandle. It’s made of three grams of recyclable material (much less than those plastic liquid soap bottles) and helps to prevent soap from languishing in pools of water to get all gooey and ultimately wasted. The faster (and more effectively) bar soap dries the less it deteriorates and the longer it will last … translation, less money spent in the bar soap aisle at the grocery store and less product wasted as it goes down the drain.

To use it is simple, just put the points of the product against your bar of soap and push them into it so that it’s attached. You can still use the bar soap as you normally would and then set the SoapStandle side down when you set the bar aside. This lets all the water drip off the bar and air to circulate around it so that it can dry without those gooey soap puddles left behind that you end up having to scrub away when you clean the bathtub.

And bonus, no need for a soap dish in the tub since the Soapstandle does that job! Pretty neat considering how grimy and slimy soap dishes can get. Yuck! Also, it provides a bit of a grip to the soap so you might drop that slippery little thing less while bathing.


Pretty ingenious! I will say that my kids didn’t love it. They said it felt weird to feel the SoapStandle rub against their hands when they used it, but other than that they didn’t have anything negative to say about it. I didn’t have any problem getting used to it, though. I think it’s just one of those things you get used to and then don’t notice after a while.

It’s a fairly small product but will accommodate any regular bar of soap. I couldn’t help wondering, though, about people who have those cute little decorative soaps (like, ones that are heart-shaped or that look like flower blossoms) and if the makers of SoapStandle might in the future make small, maybe rounder versions of this item to accommodate those kinds of bar soaps. (yes, sometimes my mind does go straight to the oddest thoughts!)

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin Nails with Biotin And Collagen Gummies

Now, for a little different direction, let’s talk internal care of your body. Everywhere I read that taking a multivitamin or other various supplements is essential to maintain health since we don’t always eat all of the healthy foods we should. A big one I hear a lot about are collagen support products and ones to support healthy skin, nails, and hair. I need all that. I’m one of the guilty ones when it comes to not eating as well as I should.

What I’ve taken away from all the information I’ve found is that collagen production in the body declines as you age and that it’s needed for bone strength, flexible joints and healthy skin. So, no matter how young I feel on the inside, the reality is that I’m in my mid-forties. I’m noticing a bit of a reduction in the youthful appearance of my skin and hair, also sometimes my joints ache (especially in my elbows, probably from constantly using my arms to do everything from cleaning and lifting to crocheting/knitting and spending time on my cell phone and computer).

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin Nails with Biotin And Collagen Gummies

With colder weather around the corner I know my skin, nails, and hair will need extra support. There are so many products for this on store shelves it can really feel like a lesson in futility to try to choose one. Again, don’t stress, because I’ve read that the majority of products in this area are all about as good as the next one.

I was recently researching which Vitamin D supplements are the best to use because I have had a deficiency in this area before and think I probably do again because I am tired, like, all the time even when I get enough sleep. Iron deficiency is another thing I began to notice after my last child was born. Basically, the research said to choose which supplements to buy based on what price range I was willing to pay, whether I wanted to take a pill/capsule/gel cap, and on whether natural, non-chemical ingredients were important to me.

So, I follow that advice when choosing supplements. Nature’s Bounty is a brand I’ve used for years and that I trust. As a matter of fact, the Vitamin D supplements I just bought are from this brand! So, to prepare for the harsh colder months ahead I’m currently using Nature’s Bounty Hair, Skin & Nails Gummies with Biotin and Collagen. They have a new tropical citrus flavor that I’m enjoying.

Each serving contains 100 mg of collagen though it’s not established how much of your daily requirement that is on the packaging (and collagen supplements aren’t regulated by the FDA). But, hey, the way I look at it it’s 100 mg more than I was getting before. Small steps. My personal research regarding collagen supplements is pretty thin, but I know I need more and who else would I take it from other than a brand I already trust?

So, I’m primarily taking the Nature’s Bounty supplements for the energy production and hair, skin, and nails benefits that are provided by the Biotin it contains, but I consider the collagen content an added bonus. Every little thing you do for your health adds up, you know?

Nature's Bounty Hair Skin Nails with Biotin And Collagen Gummies

You chew two gummies per day (preferably with a meal), which is recommended for the Vitamin D softgels, too. So, I’ve been taking these two supplements (along with my daily multivitamin) after dinner each evening. The rest of my day can be pretty variable, but after dinner I’m usually kind of done for the day and take time to sit at my computer or watch TV with my husband (we’re currently into Sharp Objects on HBO, Castle Rock on Hulu, and Better Call Saul on AMC along with a few others). So this is when I usually think about things I want to do for myself and will most likely remember to take vitamins or supplements. And the fact that I like the taste of the gummies makes it easier to remember.


So, these are just a few of the small steps I’m taking to support my personal health and be a little more environmentally-friendly in the process.


What steps toward a healthier you and a healthier world do you take?

Small Changes Yield Big Results--Oralgen NuPearl Advanced Teeth Whitening System-SoapStandle-Natures Bounty Hair Skin and Nails with Biotin and Collagen Gummies


Small Changes Yield Big Results

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Small Changes Yield Big Results Small Changes Yield Big Results Small Changes Yield Big Results Small Changes Yield Big Results Small Changes Yield Big Results Small Changes Yield Big Results Small Changes Yield Big Results

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