Slow Cooker Family Favorites

Slow Cooker Family Favorites

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When it’s time for back to school, my crock pot becomes a necessity in my house. Crock pot cooking is so convenient, easy, and delicious! Some of the tastiest dishes I’ve ever eaten have come straight from my electric pot.

I’ve acquired countless slow cooker books over the years, but I really enjoy cookbooks with delicious recipes that don’t require me to spend a fortune on various ingredients to cook one meal for my family. Slow Cooker Family Favorites by Maggie Shi is filled with elegant, delightful meals that are economically friendly to make. So far, my family has really enjoyed the Stacked Chicken Enchiladas and the Pot Roast with Vegetables. Both dishes have resulted in a tasty, restaurant quality dinners!

Slow Cooker Family Favorites

Using this cookbook has become a family affair; my son loves to help my husband and I prepare a meal. Before long, we’re like an assembly line; everyone working together to create a wonderful meal we will all enjoy. Cooking together has helped teach my son basic culinary skills, team work, and the feeling of accomplishment! He is happy to help and I can feel the pride in his little heart when he looks at the meal he helped create. I love that Slow Cooker Family Favorites has plenty of recipes to please everyone; even my son with an incredibly picky palate.

Slow Cooker Family Favorites contains lots of delicious recipes that will bring families together, sitting around the dining room table enjoying good food and conversation. My husband and I have been trying to be more disciplined about enjoying meals together at the table as family. This book makes it far easier to bring everyone to the dining room when they know a delicious and satisfying meal will be waiting for them!

Slow Cooker Family Favorites

I recommend getting the whole family involved when using this cookbook. Have fun with it and give each family member a task they can do to get involved. Afterwards, sit down and enjoy a home-cooked, satisfying meal that was created by the entire family. At dinner, talk about the experience and what everyone enjoyed about it. These little moments, like cooking dinner together, will create memories that last a lifetime.

Slow Cooker Family Favorites

If you’re looking to fill your home with delectable smells and fill your table with tasty food, you’ll want to check out Slow Cooker Family Favorites by Maggie Shi! Available for purchase here.

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