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Skin Care For Every Lifestyle - True Results Retinol Skin Care and ELEWA Holistic Skin Care

Beauty Brite DisclosureSkin care is a topic that I find myself becoming more interested in all the time, now that I’m in my forties. I still enjoy relatively clear, smooth skin. But, I do have some slight sun damage on my cheeks from past sunburns and have noticed the skin (mostly around my eyes) getting a little less elastic.

I’m not really picky about whether I try skin care lines that are all natural or whether they are developed with some chemical ingredients. I know some women do have definite preferences when it comes to the ingredients in their skin care, though. Here, for your consideration, I am offering up my experiences with two skin care lines I have recently given a test drive, True Results Retinol Active and ELEWA Natural.

I found that there was a lot to love about each of these really different product lines. I am a bit of a free spirit so the all natural ELEWA products were easy to use and made my skin feel really clean and healthy. True Results Retinol Active, though also easy to use, had more product options and required a little more time because I wanted to make sure I was using them correctly.


True Results Retinol Skin Care

As a general rule, I tend to shy away from skin care lines that have more than just two or three steps and/or different products (like True Results Retinol Skin Care). That’s just because I’m kinda lazy when it comes to taking care of my skin. As I mentioned, I have been blessed with pretty good skin, so this neglectful behavior on my part has thus far been largely forgiven by the skin gods.

However, I did also mention that I’m approaching my mid-forties now. Lately, I’ve noticed dark spots from previous sun damage, less elasticity in the under eye area, and sometimes I get little dry skin patches on my forehead or cheeks.

Most recently I had some dry flaky skin under my eyes, but I think that was caused by spending most of January sick with a nasty stomach virus almost immediately followed by yet another head and chest cold. The cold and flu season has been particularly hard on my family this year. My eyes watered profusely during that time, for some reason, and I was constantly wiping at them with tissues so I think that’s why that happened. But, here we are into March and that dryness is lessening but still persisting, so it’s definitely been a slow healing process for the irritated skin in that increasingly delicate area.


True Results Retinol Skin Care

I really like the True Results skin care line. I am most especially loving the PM Night Cream. I’ve been keeping this cream on my nightstand next to my hand cream. Every night before bed I apply lotion to my hands and this cream to my face. It makes my skin feel so soft and smooth as I tuck myself under the covers to snuggle in with a good book. I feel so pampered!

The AM/PM Facial Cream and Sunblock SPF50 are pretty much permanent residents in my purse. That way it’s very easy for me to pull them out no matter where I am and apply a little of either or both of them, as needed.

Some may think that sounds weird. But I don’t wear foundation or blush or really any makeup at all other than a little concealer on a few dark spots around my nose and mouth, and sometimes a little tinted BB cream on the rest of my face. So, putting lotion on at any time during the day is not really a problem for me as I don’t wear much makeup to be smeared or have to touch up afterward.


ELEWA Skin Care

ELEWA Natural Skin Care is something I was really interested in trying because it’s not made with harsh chemicals. Products containing natural ingredients and produced with cruelty-free manufacturing methods is definitely something that I can get behind as an animal lover.

Sometimes, I think skin just needs a break from whatever kind of skin care or makeup products that we’ve been using. So, because I tend to try out so many different skin care products, I approached this skin care line as just that, a break for my skin. But, honestly, I really enjoyed this experience so much that I find I loathe to start using any other skin care products in the very near future!


ELEWA Skin Care


While each of these skincare lines are a bit different from each other, I found I really liked both of them. Neither one caused any skin irritation or allergic reactions for me.

What kind of skin care regimen do you prefer? Have you (or would you like) to try True Results or ELEWA products?


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