Sia Botanics C + Lemon Peel

Sia Botanics C + Lemon Peel

Stacy received the Sia Botanics C + Lemon Peel to review in exchange for her honest opinion. She received the C+ Lemon Peel Wash, C+ Lemon Peel Lotion and C+ Lemon Peel Serum.

After using this skin care set for over a week I can really tell a dramatic change in the tone, evenness and texture in my skin. I am amazed at how in such a short period of time how much better my face feels and looks.

This skincare line is made from some of the most potent plants on earth allowing it to deliver very effective and very visible results. Anyone that loves all natural products, you will love the fact that this product and all of Sia products are free of Gluten, Parabens, Sulfates, Petrochemicals, Synthetic Colorants, Synthetic Fragrances and it is vegan- no testing on animals. I love the fresh citrus scent of this product. When you smell it for the first time it is so invigorating and natural. Leaving behind just a hint of smell on your face it’s not too strong or overpowering.

When I used the facial wash for the first time, I love the way it made a nice gentle lather and cleansed my face from all traces of makeup and dirt. I even used it over my eye area and it removed all of my mascara and eye shadow leaving my face feeling thoroughly cleansed. The next product I applied is the C + lemon peel serum. This product is 20% vitamin C and 4% Lemon Peel Bio ferment. Vitamin C in purest form is the most effective antioxidant ever when it does not come in contact with air. Each of these bottles are topped off with a gas that is heavier than air to keep the product at its purest form and deliver the best results. This is a very rich serum and the results are just as drastic as the thought and expertise put into the Sia Botanics products. I use the serum at night and put it all over my face and on my neck. The next product in the line that I like to use morning and night is the C + lemon peel lotion. I feel as if the invigorating scent of this product gives me a boost in the mornings and gets me going like a cup of coffee. I like the consistency of the lotion and it absorbs very well. I have oily skin and tend to get shiny in my T zones and this product has helped a lot with this issue.

I highly recommend anyone to try this product. You won’t be let down and I can almost guarantee you will begin using one of the lines offered by Sia Botanics. Their products are natural, safe, effective and no matter your age or your skin concerns there is a set for you.

You can find the Sia Botanics C + Lemon Peel products on their website.

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