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Tasty and Yummy Pumpkin Coffee For Fall

Tasty and Yummy Pumpkin Coffee For Fall-Community Coffee Spiced Pumpkin Pecan Pie
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Tasty and Yummy Pumpkin Coffee For Fall Tasty and Yummy Pumpkin Coffee For Fall

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Crisp air, yummy pumpkin coffee, cozy sweaters, and beautiful leaves. Getting cozy with a delicious cup of coffee is one my greatest pleasures. From Caramel to Pumpkin Spice, there are so many delicious fall flavors!

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Fun Fall Fashion From Bollie Brand And Twice Shy

Fun Fall Fashion From Bollie Brand And Twice Shy
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Fun Fall Fashion From Bollie Brand And Twice Shy Fun Fall Fashion From Bollie Brand And Twice Shy

Fall is definitely imminent. Where I live, in the southeastern United States, we’ve had a few cool evenings. Just a few. But, definitely cool enough that jeans and a long sleeve shirt felt good when I stepped outdoors.

The weather is more hot than cool still, but we’re getting closer to jeans and jackets, outdoor pit fires, and planning for Halloween and Thanksgiving. And we’re already getting a ton of leaves falling from the trees on our property. So, it’s time to review my closet and see what kind of clothing I have and decide what sort of new items need to be purchased to round out my Fall wardrobe.

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Bring The Taste Of Fall To Your Coffee At Home

Bring The Taste Of Fall To Your Coffee At Home
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The season of Pumpkin Spice is upon us but that doesn’t mean you have to spend a small fortune in the popular coffee chains drive-thru. I know for me, the costs add up fast when it comes to getting my coffee fix. However, getting a taste of Falls trademarked beverage is easier than ever these days. A quick trip through your local grocery chains dairy section is all it takes.

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Daily Suncare Doesn’t End When Fall Begins

Daily Suncare Doesn't End When Fall Begins
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I’m not one for rhyming, but in this instance, it works. Daily suncare shouldn’t end with fall begins. Everyone is hyper-conscious of wearing sunscreen in summer. After all, it is the time of year when our skin receives the most exposure to the sun. When fall arrives, and we start piling on the layers, wearing sunscreen doesn’t always seem like a priority. In reality, it should be a priority all year round.

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Fall For Healthy Food and Drink Favorites

Fall Foods and Drinks that are healthy
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I don’t know about you, but summer seemed to fly by for our family. It was very busy! Actually, we really tried to stay healthy and active. We spent a lot of time outdoors, swimming, and traveling. It was a very relaxed pace of life. But, next thing I knew, it was fall! We gathered our favorite Fall Foods and Drinks!

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Elevate Your Tailgate & Fall Party Season

Elevate your tailgate & fall party season
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Although it’s not officially Fall, it’s officially football season. That can only mean one thing, it’s time to kick off the tailgate and fall party season. It’s also time for some delicious cocktails that are both tasty and extremely easy to make. So easy in fact, you don’t need a cocktail shaker, mixers, or even multiple bottles. All you need is a cooler, some ice, and maybe a glass or two.     

Sound too good to be true? This time, it’s not, thanks to Canella Bellini and Cutwater Spirits Ready-to- Enjoy Cocktails.

Start Tailgate & Fall Party Season with a Bellini  

For those early morning games or fall brunch celebrations, there’s nothing like a Bellini. The combination of peach and sparkling wine is made for mornings or midday. Instead of breaking out the sparkling wine and the peach juice, just unscrew a bottle of Canella Bellini.

Bellini from Canella

Comprised of 75% Canella sparkling wine, 25% white peach juice and a splash of raspberry juice, this Bellini is the perfect combination of sweet, vibrant and tangy. It’s exactly what I want out of my Bellini. You can definitely taste the notes of apples, pear, white flowers, raspberry, and peach in every sip.

Besides loving the taste, I’m also a big fan of the screw cap. It means I never have to remember to pack the corkscrew. We’ve all been there…ready to savor a bottle of deliciousness only to discover you’ve left the corkscrew at home. Not an issue with Canella Bellini.

This glass of sweetness works well on its own, or to make it extra fancy, add a little fresh fruit to your flute. Not only is this cocktail perfect for tailgate & fall party season, but it will also make a great addition for your future holiday celebrations.

Ready-To-Enjoy Cocktails in a Can
Tailgate and Fall Parties with Cutwater Spirits

Next up we have a collection of cocktails I know you are going want to serve at all your events. Its Canned Cocktails from Cutwater. These San Diego, California made canned creations are not what you would expect from a cocktail in a can. They truly will elevate any tailgate or fall party with their refreshing flavors.

The brand was kind enough to send four of their sixteen offerings, including Spicy Bloody Mary, Vodka Mule, Grapefruit Vodka Soda, and Lime Margarita. Let’s get things started with my two favorites, Vodka Mule and Grapefruit Vodka Soda.

I was surprised by how much I liked the Grapefruit Vodka Soda considering I dislike grapefruit. The combination of the extremely smooth Fugu Vodka and grapefruit infused housemade soda, make this cocktail an ideal drink for a late summer/early fall day. It’s so light and crisp, with only 99 calories, and zero fat, carbs or sugar.

I can imagine drinking it while watching my Gators torture me through another Saturday. Is it that hard to make a block or throw the ball down the field?

But enough about my football woes. Let’s talk about the Vodka Mule. Its mix of ginger, lime, bitters, and vodka checks off every note I want in a cocktail. I really enjoy every sweet, bitter, tart, and sight spicy sip. You can really taste the natural flavors of the ginger and the smoothness of the vodka.

Again, it’s hard to believe this cocktail comes from a can. You would think a bartender just mixed it up, minus the copper mug. If you want to make a killer impression during tailgate and fall party season, you will want to grab both of these cocktails.

Cutwater Spirits Ready-to-Enjoy Cocktails

If a Spicy Bloody Mary or Lime Margarita is more your speed, Cutwater has you covered. As someone who detests tomatoes, I can’t say I loved the Spicy Bloody Mary, and not because it wasn’t good. I can say that it definitely had a kick, which I did enjoy. Even though I’m not a Bloody Mary girl, I could taste the freshness of this cocktail, from the tomatoes to the pepper and spices. If you like a kick in your cocktail, this one is definitely for you.

Finally, we have the Lime Margarita. I’m all about the margarita, especially while I’m enjoying some spicy, flavorful Mexican food. In fact, this margarita has me craving some chips, salsa, guacamole, and queso. It would pair perfectly with any fall party or a quiet Taco Tuesday at home.

The smoothness of the tequila blends so well with the tart lime, pure cane sugar, and subtle hint of orange. Like all of the other Cutwater Cocktails I tried, the Lime Margarita is light, refreshing and full of flavor.

The Bottomline

If you’re looking to elevate your tailgate and fall party season, I highly recommend adding the Canella Bellini and Cutwater Ready-to-Enjoy Cocktails to your celebrations. Not only are they delicious, but they’ll also satisfy the palette of every cocktail connoisseur, even the pickiest.

What’s your go-to fall cocktail? Which cocktail do you want to try first?

Connect with Canella Bellini: Website | Facebook |Twitter | Instagram

Connect with Cutwater:  Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

6 Stylish Pieces For Your Fall Fitness

School is back in session, which means, Fall/Autumn is right around the corner! Are you ready? I recently started going through my wardrobe to downsize and bring out all my cool weather clothing! I’m mostly just going through my moving boxes, overstuffed dresser drawers and trying to downsize overall. We moved back in December and it’s overdue to downsize everything! It’s time to freshen up your closet! With that, I found 6 stylish pieces for your fall fitness! 

6 Stylish Pieces For Your Fall Fitness
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I don’t know about you but I am ready for Fall weather. Although, I am rarely ever prepared for cool weather. I always feel like it creeps up so quickly! I am ready for the cooler weather and getting back into my fitness! There are times when I get too busy with life, or the weather is too hot to walk. I also like to workout at home. 

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Fall In Love With These Back To School Beauty Products

My youngest is a SOPHOMORE now!  She is all about the beauty products, matching accessories, and looking cute. I remember those days! She doesn’t wear a lot of makeup, but she takes care of her skin and hair daily.

Fall In Love With These Back To School Beauty Products!
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Way too much time if you ask this mom but she is a teen now I understand there is a process. In the morning she takes about an hour in the bathroom getting ready, and at night she has a routine too.  She is picky about her beauty products also. 

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Beauty Finds for Fall

Beauty Finds For Fall

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Fall Beauty Finds to add to your Must Have List

In the fall, one of my favorite pieces of clothing is a great pair of leggings. From the gym to a quick trip to the grocery store, they are definitely a perfect cool weather Beauty Find must have…. [read more]

Cinnamon Apple Chips Are Is A Must Try Fall Recipe

Cinnamon Apples Chips Are A Must Try Fall Recipe

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It is finally the season where apple picking is in full swing. Hayrides, petting zoos, apple cider, apple picking, and pumpkin picking make for a spectacular afternoon out with the family. However, if you are anything like me, when its all said and done I am left wondering what am I supposed to do with all these apples? What recipe can I find to meet the taste buds of my family so they will demolish all of these apples before they rot?

Don’t get me wrong, my kids LOVE apples but not to the extent to match the number of apples we picked on our weekend trip to the Apple Orchard. There is only so much applesauce I can make. So I did what anyone else does, and started googling away.

The biggest problem I found was that it seemed like there was only one component I liked from recipes which left me to continue on my search. I gave my Grandmother a call and she gave me the perfect idea of what to do with the apples. I do not take full credit for this recipe as there are so many variations on the internet, cookbooks, etc. I am just sharing the recipe that I have gone by and worked best for my needs.

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