Safer Snacks For Allergy Sufferers

Safer Snacks For Allergy Sufferers
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I’m the mom of four little ones, my oldest Emmalee was diagnosed with a severe peanut allergy at just 14 months old.  One of my worst fears had come true, because I knew it would now be an everyday battle to find safer snacks and food for her to eat. When she first began seeing an allergist it is very apparent that she has a massive amount of triggers for her allergies and now has tree nuts, and coconuts added to her food allergy list.

At seven years old she is now the proud owner and carrier of her very own Epi-Pen because her peanut allergy is so bad. When she started school I was terrified of sending her because so many foods have peanuts or peanut butter. I was terrified of one of her friends giving her a piece of candy. We are very adamant in making her very aware of what she is eating. Now that she can read she will also read the labels.

Made Good Snacks

Safer snack options.

So that brings us to today. We have finally found a great brand with some safer snacks for allergy sufferers. These amazing snacks are brought to you by Made Good. These granola based snacks are completely vegan and come in five different flavors. While other granola have traces of nuts in them, that’s where Made Good is different.  They plant is completely free of the top eight most common allergies.

Soft Baked Cookies

My favorite of the Made Good brand is the Soft Baked Mini Cookies. These bite-sized cookies are small but are full with flavor. We have the Apple Cinnamon cookies and they are delicious. It’s the perfect balance of apples and whole grains, leaning you satisfied for longer.

Vinilla Crispy Squares

My allergy sufferer Emmalee’s favorite safer snack are the Vanilla Crispy Squares. They are sweet and crunchy, and perfect for her to take to school. These crispy squares have 6 hidden veggies in them. I gotta get them in where I can. That is a plus. Now I don’t have to worry about the snacks that she takes to school.

Made Good and their amazing snack selections are perfect for the allergy sufferer. It gives them a chance to not only have a treat but be confident that they will not have accidental exposure to their allergen.  Allergies can define so much in your life, but now you can breathe a little easier knowing Made Good products are safer for you to eat. For more information on the Made Good Brand or to get yours visit Website, Facebook, or Instagram. You can pick your favorites at retail locations near you such as Walmart.


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