Refine And Strengthen Facial Skin

Refine And Strengthen Facial Skin - Junetics Complete Pure Energy System

Beauty Brite DisclosureJunetics has developed a fantastic skincare system known as the Pure Energy System. It will work to combat elements such as UV exposure, pollutants, lack of sleep, dehydration and stress that have negative aging effects on skin.

The Junetics Complete Pure Energy System is powered by the E24 Complex — a revolutionary combination of Gluco-E, plant stem cells, Copper and Amino Acids, Hyaluronic Acid, and Silicium — to create a skincare system that will completely transform your skin. It works to to boost cellular energy and cell-to-cell communication to refine and strengthen the skin. —–Jenetics website

Junetics Complete Pure Energy System

The Junetics Complete Pure Energy System contains the following:

  • Pure Energy Day Serum – helps restore smoothness and actively hydrates. Helps to diminish fine lines and enhances radiance.
  • Pure Energy Night Cream – provides superior hydration and targets maximum recovery while skin is at rest.
  • Pure Energy Eye Cream – helps hydrate, reduce puffiness, smooth , firm and instantly brighten the eye area for a refreshed, more youthful appearance.
  • Pure Energy Nourishing Cleanser – washes away all traces of dirt and impurities, while it nurtures and energizes sluggish skin cells so all that’s left behind is an actively softer, smoother, more awakened complexion.
  • Pure Energy Brightening Day Cream – actively restores luminosity, evens skin tone, helps diminish fine lines, and imparts skin with a velvety smoothness and refreshed ageless glow.
  • Pure Energy Lip Balm – rehydrates and repairs dry, distressed lips, transforming them to a whole new level of softness, smoothness, and agelessness.

Also available within this system is the Pure Energy Power Mask, a 2-step Vitamin C-infused facial mask that warms when activated and resurfaces texture, deeply cleanses pores, exfoliates, and hydrates.

Junetics Complete Pure Energy Collection

How I Use Junetics Complete Pure Energy System:

I start my day with the Junetics Pure Energy Nourishing Cleanser for my face, applying liberally and massaging the ultra-fine lather into my skin, using gentle, circular motions, then rinsing and patting the skin dry. I follow the cleanser with the Eye Cream, dispensing a little to the tip of the tube and using the massaging balls to work the product into my skin. Next, as directed, I dispense four pumps of Junetics Pure Energy Day Serum onto the palm of my hand and apply liberally to face and neck. After I apply makeup, I use the Lip Balm to soften and moisturize my lips before adding my usual tinted lip balm.

I keep the Day Cream in my purse so that I can apply it at a moment’s notice during the day if I happen to be getting ready to go out into the sun whether for a walk, while running errands, or heading out to the pool. The Lip Balm is also in my purse to use throughout the day because I can’t stand having bare lips, so this gets used often!

By the end of the day, I’m usually tired and just want to fall right into bed. Most nights, I don’t even remember to take my contact lenses out! But, I try to remember to use the Nourishing Cleanser to remove makeup and dirt and follow it up with the Night Cream before going to bed.

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I have noticed that using this system to take care of my skin has definitely had some pleasant benefits. My face feels softer, smoother and those little fine lines that have been creeping up around the corners and underneath my eyes appear to be less noticeable. And my face, just overall, feels healthier.

Are you starting to see fine lines and wrinkles marring your beautiful features? Check out the Junetics line of beauty products and share with me which ones you think you’d most benefit from using.


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