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With everything going on in the world and in our personal lives, its hard to even think about household chores let alone do them. With the laundry piling high and the kitchen and bathroom looking like a disaster zone, its time to get everything sparkling clean. With 3 simple cleaning products, it can get done quickly & effectively. This will leave you with more time to focus on the important things in a cleaner & less stressful environment.


Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple retails $7.99 USD for 43 ounce or
$13.99 USD for 122 ounce

…a new standard of clean that is powerfully simple.

I think its safe to say, laundry is my least favorite household chore to do in our home. With a family of five, our laundry tends to pile up quickly and can become overwhelming. With 3 active kids & a husband who does manual labor, our clothes get stained up and funky quick! Not to mention they all have sensitive skin and eczema! So not only do we need a hard-working laundry detergent to get all the smells and stains out, we need something gentle enough so it wont irritate their skin.

Arm & Hammer’s new Clean & Simple laundry detergent checked every box my family needs in a detergent. It provides a powerful clean to rid the smells and stains without all the chemicals that can irritate my families skin. It is made with 6 essential ingredients that leaves your clothes smelling fresh and beautifully clean.

No Dyes. No Phosphates.

No GMOs. No Preservatives.

No Enzymes. No Brighteners.

No Parabens. No Gluten.

No Animal-Derived Ingredients.

I really put Arm & Hammer Clean & Simple laundry detergent to the test when it came to washing my husbands work clothes. His uniforms get dirty and greasy quick due to the nature of his job. Using the ‘hot water’ setting on my washing machine to help kill unwanted bacteria; I loaded up the machine and only used a cap-full for a large load.

The uniforms came out amazing and all the oily stains , dirt and gunk was cleaned off. My favorite part was the smell! Work clothes tend to have an odor that sticks to them, especially if your around trucks, grease and hundreds of packages. For the first time in a long time, my husbands work clothes didn’t smell like grease truck. Best part, I didn’t have to sacrifice his sensitive skin with unnecessary chemicals just to get the smells & stains out.

Kitchen & Bath

Durgol Kitchen Cleaner $7.99 USD each
Durgol Bathroom Cleaner $7.99 USD each

The Swiss are on to something with Durgol Bathroom and Kitchen cleaners. Durgol cleaners are highly effective in cleaning up some of the toughest grime, grease & lime-scale in an effortless manner.

Durgol Kitchen Cleaner

Durgol Cleaners are all biodegradable.

Durgol Kitchen Cleaner worked wonderfully in my kitchen. It has now been my new go-to cleaner when I need to clean up my kitchen quickly and effectively. Especially since my kitchen is not only for family dinners, but it is also acting as our home-school area and my ‘office’.

I was able to clean my entire kitchen with Durgol. From my kitchen sink, the counters, greasy toaster oven door & a food splattered stovetop, everything was left spotless. I was impressed how Durgol Kitchen Cleaner was able to clean up any type of mess in my kitchen without the need of multiple products.

The trigger on the bottle pushes out a strong stream of Durgols cleaning solution. So one or two sprays is all that is needed. Simply spread Durgols cleaning solution around and let it sit on the surface for about 5 minutes. Once you wipe it down, you are left with a sparkling clean surface with an amazing fresh lemon scent. The best part, Durgol Kitchen Cleaner is food safe! So there is no need to rinse your areas after cleaning.

Durgol Bathroom Cleaner

Can be used on: bathtubs, sinks, tiles, & fixtures.

Descales. Gets rid of soap scum, grime & lime build up.

The Durgol Bathroom Cleaner was able to shine and clean my entire bathroom with ease. It worked wonders in my bathtub, and got rid of all the soap scum and lime build up on my bathroom tiles. The entire process of cleaning my bathroom was effortless, something that you don’t hear that often.

I simply just wet the entire shower & sink area with cold water and sprayed Durgols Bathroom Cleaner on the tub, walls, & sink. The spray is thick & foamy and can easily be spread with a sponge to cover more surface, so a little goes a long way. Let Durgol sit for at least 2 minutes so it can descale and get rid of all the build up. All you need to do is rise when your done, no scrubbing or back breaking clean up. Simple, effective and quick. Leaves your bathroom shiny and fresh smelling.

Are you ready to get your home sparkling clean with no hassle?

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