Puzzling With Puzzles To Strengthen Your Mind

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Puzzles are one of my favorite past times as a kid. It was always a sense of accomplishment when I finally managed to complete one. Puzzles, as we know, are great for younger kids. It helps with their fine motor skills (including the important pincer grasp) and cognitive skills. But what about adults?

What can puzzles do for me?

Puzzles help improve memory since it is an activity that you need to remember specific shapes and colors that need to be pieced together. This is a great mental exercise for those that struggle with short term memory. Since working with puzzles strengthens and quickens your mental speed, this can help in other areas of your brain as well. This includes reducing stress and improving your problems solving skills.

Puzzles can also keep your mind sharp and focused since they require you to pay closer attention to small details on each piece. This is a great skill that you can apply to anywhere in your life, especially when working on projects in the home or even in the workplace. Studies even show that working on puzzles can even help delay diseases like Dementia and Alzheimers. How amazing is that!

So why not puzzle to work out your mind?

Puzzles with a message

Peace by Piece

Wander Puzzle Co.
Artwork for ‘Just Chillin’ is by Rafaela Mascaro, a designer and art director from São Paulo, Brazil


Wander Puzzle Co. is a company on a mission. Not only do they believe that puzzles help support your brain function, but they also believe in giving back to an important cause.

Wander Puzzle Co. gives back to women that have been abused due to gender based violence through financial support at the Women’s Center of Advancement. During these very uncertain times, various news outlets from all over the world reported domestic violence is on a dangerous rise due to women being stuck in their home with their abuser. Wander Puzzle Co. wants to spread awareness on this important issue to as many people as they can in order to help these women in need. They also give back to Feeding America as well as African Social Enterprises; they are such an incredible company!

Each puzzle contains the puzzle pieces and a beautiful copy of the artwork. The artwork would be perfect to frame and hang as decor in your home.

Wander Puzzle Co. 500 piece puzzles retail $27.95 each.

The images on the Wander Puzzles are beautiful, vibrant and very inspiring. The artists who created these images are women from all over the world. Currently there are four-500 piece puzzles that showcase art created by women. Wander Puzzle Co will soon be launching two more puzzles in August which is so exciting!

Wander Puzzle Co. puzzles are not only beautiful, but they are a great activity to do alone in order to destress and relax while doing some mental exercise. It is also a great activity to do with friends and family allowing you to connect with each other as you problem solve. Completing puzzles allows you to feel a sense of teamwork and accomplishment while working with others. Puzzles allow you to step away from your screens in order to focus on something more beneficial for your mind. Wander Puzzle Co. puzzles also make an amazing gift for someone special in your life. So why wouldn’t you want to puzzle?

Do you think mental exercises are important? What do you do to improve your brain function? Let us know!

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