Pretty and Purrfect Treats

Pretty and Purrfect Treats

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Can I be completely honest with you? Most days, motherhood doesn’t make me feel glamorous. It’s a rewarding job, but it can leave me feeling very tired at the end of the day. You will usually find me in my typical “uniform” around the house of a ponytail, yoga pants, and a cotton t-shirt. There are meals to cook, jobs to work, rooms to clean, and a never ending pile of laundry to do.

I seriously needed some help getting my “sexy” back.

When I had the opportunity to check out some lovely treats from Honeycat Cosmetics, the inner vixen in me jumped for joy.

Honey Cat Cat Burgular Shower Gel Rub My Tummy Body Cream

Cat Burglar Shower Gel sounded a little shocking at first – a chocolate and bacon scented shower gel! I was very skeptical of this product. But, it actually smells very nice – a little salty and a little sweet! These two scents blend together perfectly. My husband did a smell check and he admitted the scent was way better than he thought it was going to be.  This shower gel also produces plenty of lather to make you feel squeaky clean!

Rub My Tummy Body Cream is one of my favorite products by Honeycat Cosmetics. The delicious milk and honey fragrances smells so good and lasts throughout the day. My skin feels so soft and silky after using this lotion. The scent reminds me of freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookies and I absolutely love it!

Honeycat Cat on a Hot Tin CandleHoneycat Cat on a Hot Tin Candle 2

Cat on a Hot Tin Candle is perfectly paired with a glass of wine at the end of a long day. I love the sweet, tropical smell of this soy candle – very flirty and delicious! I like this scent for all year round, it is so sunny and happy! It’s an instant mood-booster.

Honeycat Chocolate Bath Melt Treats

Chocolate Bath Melt Treats look decadent enough to eat. But these little melts are thankfully guilt-free and work wonders for your skin in the tub. My skin felt so silky when I got out of the tub. The fragrance was so delicious, you’d swear they are edible (they’re not, don’t eat them). Have a glass of wine or read a book while you soak with one of these, you will feel the tension just melt away.

Honey Cat Meow Mojo Magic

I was sold on the scent alone when I smelled Meow Mojo Magic. It’s a feminine and flirty blend of roses and flowers. Not overpowering, just right. I added a little of these salts to my bath and I felt like Cleopatra, taking a bath among rose petals.

Honeycat Bluberry Trill Scrub

Blueberry Trill Body Scrub is the perfect, summery guilt-free treat for your body. This scrub effectively scrubbed off all of my dead skin cells and left my skin feeling very smooth and silky. The smell is so yummy! Use with the Rub my Tummy Cream afterwards and you’ll smell as tasty as a slice of blueberry cobbler.

Honey Cat Chick of the Sea

Chick of the Sea Bath Salts are such a cool product! When you add some to your bath water, it will make the water nice and foamy! I recommend using some of this after a long day, between the detoxifying salt and the foam, you will feel incredible when you come out of the bath.

Honey Cat Calico Cuccino

Calico Cuccino Scrub smells tasty enough to eat! I think this scrub is great for winter months, the hazelnut cappuccino fragrance will make you feel warm and toasty. It has a more sandy consistency than the Blueberry Trill Scrub, but I like it equally as much. A little of this scrub goes a long way!

I love Honeycat products because they are sassy, fierce, and feminine. Everything smells absolutely delicious and will help give you the confidence to feel like a diva!

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  1. These products look fantastic! Great article!! I’ll definitely be looking into those bath salts. 😉

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