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Do you wear perfume at work?  My mom is a person who is sensitive to fragrance and perfume.  I am also aware there are people who may be allergic to certain scents.  When I worked in retail, I had no problem wearing perfume because I did not work very close with people.  They were always a few feet from me.

Now that I will be working in an office setting, I realize I will be in close quarters to other people.  Do I wear fragrances or perfume at work?  I love wearing perfume, but I do not want to offend people.  I never wear more than one spritz of perfume either.  There are two ways that I spray perfume, either directly on my body or in the air and then I walk through the spray.

I realize there are also body sprays or spritz that you can use to freshen up with; I’ve seen them at the store at the mall!  The body sprays are so much fun and really do help, especially if you feel like you need a little freshening up!

When I worked in hotels, I was in a small office.  I never really wore perfume, mainly because I did not have any to wear!  Ha!

Do you wear any fragrance at work?  If I do dare wear perfume at work, I may spray it in the air and walk through the mist so it is as subtle as I can get it.  I do not want to smell so strong that they can smell me coming down the hallway.  Nor do I want them to smell me before I walk into a room!

For now, I will hold off on wearing perfume.  I rarely wear it these days.  There are days when I completely forget to wear it or I just do not have time!


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  1. Jessica Beaman Para says:

    I always spray perfume in the air and walk through it when I want to wear some. I have noticed this trick really works and keeps it from smelling overpowering on your body. I do sometimes flat out not wear it if I know the people I will be with are sensitive to perfume. I think as long as we don’t over spray and are mindful of others we should be ok.

  2. Allyson Becker says:

    I think people are paranoid. I once had a doctor’s office ask me not to wear perfume when I made the appointment on the phone. I cancelled the appointment. I sell on ebay, and I have people complain about pet odors when I do not have a pet. When did we become a society of neurotics?

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