Perfect Your Summer Style With Must Have Hair Products

Perfect your summer style with must have hair productsBeauty Brite Disclosure

I am always looking for wonderful products to start a fresh summer style! Espresso’s Color Enhancing Conditioner, Umberto Controller Conditioning Spray, Umberto Regular Hold Hair Spray, and Umberto Shimmer Shine Spray has helped me to achieve a look that will impress everyone!

Who has time these days to spend hours at a salon getting your hair colored only for it to fade in no time at all! Would you love your color to last longer and be able to enrich the vibrance of it in between salon visits?

If you said Yes, then you would love the new Color Enhancing Conditioner by Espresso! In just three minutes this conditioner gives your hair a natural boost of color. It comes in 7 shades so you can personalize it to your color!


Colors include:

Golden Blonde
Cool Blonde

I tried Brown and Golden Blonde because at the moment my hair is ombre and I have brown at the top and golden blonde at the bottom! After shampooing I towel dry my hair and then using gloves I distribute enough to evenly cover my hair and leave it on for 3 minutes. I then rinse it clean and blow dry. I could immediately tell after drying that the pigment of my hair color was much more vibrant and considering I am getting married in May and just got my hair colored I plan on using this every week between now and then!


With summer months in full bloom, I always love to transition to an effortless and natural style! Umberto Controller Conditioning Spray is a great product for not only hold but also heat protection! I spray it all over my hair right after its towel dried and it works great as a detangler as well! I let my hair air dry and use a diffuser right as it is almost dry to create natural waves! I like to finish off my style with Umberto Shimmer Shine Spray, giving it a nice non greasy sheen!

The Umberto Regular Hold Hair Spray is a nice finishing touch to keep your hair looking the same all day without weighing it down! It is also humidity resistant so it works great on those hot summer days!

These products work great together and they also work well being used alone and Espresso is available for purchase at TARGET.

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Do you have a summer hair routine that you like to switch to after the winter?


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