Paint Your Nails Happy This Valentine’s Day

Paint Your Nails Happy This Valentine's Day
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I. Love. Nail. Polish. There, I said it. I may have a problem, though there is no 12-step program to break an addiction to these beauties. I have oodles of little glass bottles, all sizes, all shapes, many shades in my collection. My oldest daughter has inherited the obsession. She has her own vast collection and we are constantly fighting over the bottle of nail polish remover. Yes, she buys her own remover, but when she runs out, she steals mine! Well, I guess we could have worse problems, right?

Duri Nail Polish

Duri Nail Polishes (left to right): 309 Iced Roses; 305 Unexpected Kiss; 510 Everyday Is A Valentine;
414 Cupid Rules


Duri offers over 250 shades of nail polish, including those shown here. With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, I couldn’t resist breaking out the red hots to spice up the picture here a little bit.

In addition to hundreds of great shades to choose from, Duri nail polishes are completely safe, environmentally-friendly and 3 FREE (no DBP, Toulene or Formaldehyde). I have never had a bad reaction to any nail polish (though I have seen stories all over the internet from people who have), so I am especially happy to know that this line of products are safe for my nails. Because, did I mention I have an addiction? I think I touched on it. 🙂

Here’s what my daughter did with the polishes.

Duri Nail Polish


Duri Nail Polish

I love this polish! It brushes on very smooth and dries quickly, so even after 2-3 coats I was not sitting around forever waiting for it to dry. I normally don’t like pastel colors when it comes to nail polish, I tend to gravitate toward burgundy-ish colors, or blue, turquoise or other similar shades. But, I really love Duri’s pastel purple Unexpected Kiss on my nails. It’s so pretty!!!

Duri is offering a great Valentine’s deal on polishes right now. You can customize your own Gift Box 4-Pack for only $24. Not only do you get four great bottles of nail polish in your choice of shades, they will come in a very pretty red and metallic embossed Valentine’s Day gift box.

Check out the Duri website to see the other great products they offer! They have some really great items such as nail growth products, cuticle oils, and even body care items like lotions and wax products. What item(s) from Duri are you excited to try?

Connect with Duri and purchase items from their Website. Also check them out on Facebook and Twitter. Get free shipping on $35 orders with code FREESHIP.

Disclaimer: I received the above shown product for free to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own.


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  1. Perfect colors for Valentines! I’m obsessed with nail polishes too. I always have some on!

  2. perfect for V day!!!

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