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Two bottles of Brix + Barrel Wine with a holiday dear in front

Why not buy wine online, we buy almost everything else online.  Now, wine is precious cargo so you will need to know that your wine will be delivered properly. So your first thought might be to buy wine from, but NO don’t do that, we have another suggestion- Brix and Barrel wines.

Brix + Barrel is an online wine shop that features wine from emerging wineries and thriving wine regions across California. Do you enjoy a glass of wine after a long crazy day, don’t we all?  Sometimes being able to unwind with a Charaenday or a Rose wine is all it takes to take away all the stress.

Two bottles of wine laying down

Enjoy the little things in life like WINE! 

Here is a little tidbit about the name Brix + Barrel. Brix is a measurement of the sugar content of grapes that indicates a grape’s ripeness at harvest. Barrel is that magical cylindrical container that helps mature wine as it ages. So yes that is the name is about the WINE!.

Let me walk you through how Brix + Barrel works

  • You will get wine delivered in 100% recyclable pulp shipper that is packed snuggly right to your door.  Each package delivered comes with a satisfaction guarantee plus a NOTE! A personal touch goes a long way with me. Wine in a box and how it is packed for delivery
  • Their wines come from small production wineries in California. Supporting small businesses is also helping them achieve and support their dreams. 
  • It does take three days to ship the wine out to your home.  (okay no deliveries on Sundays!)
  • Will ship anywhere in California Idaho, and New Mexico but hopefully down the road they will expand to other areas of the United States.
  • Make sure someone over 21 years old need to be present to sign for the wine

Slacker "Pink" Rosé 2017 $25Slacker “Pink” Rosé 2017 $25

  • Winery-Slacker
  • Winemaker-Matt Trevisan of Linne Calodo Cellars
  • Vineyard AVA-Paso Robles, Willow Creek District


I enjoy an excellent sweet rose wine and Slacker was terrific.  It was fruity but not too much and refreshing.  This is a great bottle to get for a girls night! Now my husband liked the next wine better, but this woman loves a ROSE WINE.

Field Recordings Wonderwall Chardonnay 2017 $18.00Field Recordings Wonderwall Chardonnay 2017 $18.00

  • Winery-Field Recordings
  • Winemaker-Andrew Jones
  • Vineyard AVA-Edna Valley, San Luis Obispo

This was my husbands favorite; he is a white wine drinker.  I think I would make an excellent dinner wine with fish or even chicken.  It had fruit flavors but so mellow and smooth.

Field Recordings Wonderwall Chardonnay 2017 $18.00

Okay, are you ready to order a bottle of wine online now!  You won’t be disappointed, and yes it can be overwhelming but Brix + Barrel will help with the process, and their customer service is terrific! 

Online Wine Monthly Subscription Option

But wait I have more exciting news that will help you out a lot!  For under $50 a month you can get WINE delivered right to your door with BRIX FIX.  Yes, it is a monthly wine subscription taking the pressure out of shopping for new wine and connecting you to the emerging wineries of California. You will get premium and reserve wines that you can’t easily find in the local grocery store, and with the ability to cancel anytime, satisfaction guaranteed, and shipping included, this could be the wine club you’ve been waiting for.

So now you know you can buy by the bottle or sign up for the BRIX FIX!

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