#OneTreeHill New Challenges

Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD.

#OneTreeHill New Challenges

Season Nine presents a load of new challenges for One Tree Hill characters. Brooke & Julian deal with being new parents, Haley tries to find Nathan who was kidnapped and Clay finds himself sleepwalking and forgetting periods of time.

In 2006, my husband and I became first time parents to our son.  It was a challenge because motherhood was new to me.  I didn’t have help from my husband so I had to depend on my own instincts on what to do and how to handle a situation.  Sometimes I felt overwhelmed like Brooke and Julian did when they first had their twin boys.  They were so stressed out and trying to figure out sleeping situation.  Although, Brooke was lucky enough to have Julian’s help with the overall care of the boys: feeding, bathing, diapers, etc.

Another challenge we had to face as parents was when our son was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder in 2010.  It was a complete surprise because the process to have him tested helped to prepare us.  However, as soon as he was diagnosed, we put him in speech therapy and occupational therapy.  We also enrolled him in Exceptional Children (EC) Pre-K at the local school.  Today, our son is in Kindergarten and thriving.  He has speech therapy at school.  He’s using more signs to communicate with us.  He also tries to say the words.  He has always loved school and he loves having a routine.  When Clay was sleeping walking, Quinn and Clay finally decided to find out what was causing it.  He went to a doctor to be diagnosed.

Another challenge we are currently facing is being unemployed parents and full time college students.  My husband returned to college a few years ago and is close to graduating.  I have recently returned to school and trying my best to juggle parenthood, marriage and college.  I have returned to college in hopes of improving my resume and hopefully find stable employment to help support my family.  There were times when the characters of One Tree Hill were out of work.  They eventually found their way and found an opportunity.  I hope to do the same!

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Disclosure: I have been hired by Warner Bros. WBWord division to promote One Tree Hill Season Nine on DVD.


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  1. I’ve never seen this show. Heard about it though. Didn’t realize it was still on. =)

  2. I haven’t seen this show yet.. Looks interesting, great write up.

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