One Month To Gorgeous: Your Ultimate Quarantine Countdown Guide

Right now, we’re all stuck in quarantine. But sooner or later it will end, and we will all be released like battery-farmed animals out into the fields, skipping and jumping as we go.

Let’s talk about your guide to One Month To Gorgeous! Your Quarantine Guide!

One Month To Gorgeous: Your Ultimate Quarantine Countdown Guide

How we will look when we emerge from our collective hibernation is anyone’s guess. By that point, most of us will have spent more than a month in front of Netflix, munching on pasta we bought when the crisis first hit. And that’s not a combination you’d expect to find in any beauty routine!

Here’s your ultimate quarantine countdown guide. It’s what you should be doing in the weeks and days running up to your release from isolation. 

Four To Six Weeks Out – Focus On Your Body

If you’ve ever trained or dieted in the past, you’ll know that it takes a while to transform your body – at least four to six weeks. For that reason, you should start your diet and exercise regime now. 

Being healthy and remaining in isolation is a challenge, to say the least, but it is possible. You don’t need a gym to exercise. You don’t need any equipment. And even if you have to live off dried food for the next six week, you can choose healthy options. 

Here’s the gist of it: get no-equipment exercise app and follow it religiously. And eat lots of dried pulses and lentils. Don’t fill up on junk.

Two Weeks Out – Focus On Your Skin

The government will likely set a date for the end of the lockdown around two weeks before it officially comes to an end and we’re allowed to mooch back out into the community. But, interestingly, two weeks also just happens to be how long it takes to transform dull, blotchy skin into dewy and radiant. 

Improving your skin is easy. Just stop eating at 6 pm and only start again after 9 am. The extra time in a “fasted” state, gives your body the time it needs to recover and replenish skin cells. It is a miracle-worker. 

The Day Of Freedom

The day of freedom is what you’ve been working for. You’ve laid the groundwork. Now it is time to milk it for all it’s worth!

Here are some of the things that you’ll want to do on the day itself. 

  • Hair. You probably haven’t been to the hairdressers for a while. But that doesn’t matter. If you’re not keen on your style, just use synthetic hair wigs
  • Nails. You can order custom manicure kits over the internet. There’s no need to go to a salon if none are open in your area. 
  • Tanning and waxing. Removing unwanted hairs and bronzing your skin is a last-minute job that you can do on the day. 

Quarantine is, when you think about it, the perfect time to do a “one month to gorgeous” challenge. You’re stuck indoors. You don’t have to deal with the usual pressures of commuting to work if you’re a non-essential worker. It really could be your time to shine!

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