No More Freezing Fingers and Toes

No More Freezing Fingers and Toes

A few weeks ago, the cold was too much! I was sitting in the living room trying to work and my fingers and toes were so cold! I was bundled up in two or three layers of clothing and under two blankets. My fingers could barely move from the cold. Our heater/thermostat only works when the weather is warm. If it is warm outside, the thermostat works perfectly. However, when the weather is super cold outside, the thermostat doesn’t want to reach the temperature we set it to.

I should mention that all of our windows and front door leak cold air. I tried putting towels on the window ledges and a towel at the front door to help keep the air out. It gets so cold at night too!

We’ve considered buying space heaters in the past. We wanted a certain type, the Quartz Infrared heater. They are cool to the touch on the outside. We wanted this particular type because our son has special needs and he gets into everything. He touches everything and wants to climb on everything. We wanted the heater for safety reasons.

Quartz Infrared Heater

In years past, they always seemed so expensive! Looking back, I am glad we waited because I found a value bundle with two Quartz Infrared Heaters! I found them at Walmart. I am so glad the value bundle popped up on my screen because I was going to buy two of them and I ended up saving a ton with the value bundle!

What I love about our space heaters is that they have wheels on them, so we can roll them when we need to move them from room to room. They are also extremely lightweight, so I can pick them up without straining anything.

We have only had the space heaters a few days and just love that we are no longer freezing!

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