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While I was surfing around Facebook, I found the following story shared on a friend’s Facebook fan page. You can see the whole story here.

The first thing that caught my attention about the headline was the word hero.  It is so brave to stand out and be a hero to someone.  It is nice to hear good stories rather than bad news on television.

After I read the news story, I shared it with my husband.  My husband and I are parents to a child with special needs.  While you cannot “see” our son’s special needs, you will certainly notice it after a few moments.

Like Milo’s parents, we always worried about bothering other patrons when we go to a restaurant.  When we do go out to eat as a family, we only go to Red Robin since it is family friendly and it isn’t too quiet of a restaurant so that if our son were to get excited or even get upset, his noises would not be heard by everyone.

When we go to the grocery store, we make sure our son is happy because when he is happy, we can get in and out fast without incident.  My husband and I are always aware of our surroundings.  If our son were to start having a tantrum, we know to hurry up so that we can leave the store or restaurant.

We do not go out as often, mainly due to our son and not knowing how he will behave.


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  1. It is so nice to see there are still people who do the right thing, just because it is the right thing to do. Way to go Michael!!

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