Necessities On-The-Go

Necessities On-The-Go

Beauty Brite Disclosure

When we travel as a family, we choose to drive to our destination. We like having control of when we stop for breaks. We also travel by car because of our son’s special needs. Since we love to travel, we have our routine down. My husband makes the hotel and travel plans while I pack for our son and myself.

I like to keep many of our necessities in a tote bag at my feet. This allows me to easily grab what we need while on the road. That’s where the TechAway Roll comes in! I can easily keep our chargers and my beauty products nearby!

TechAway Roll Collage

The TechAway Roll features 3 zippered pockets. This can be used for travel or everyday use.

I am always applying lip balm and lotion and even keep some in my handbag. The Peppermint Body lotion and Peppermint Lip balm are perfect for on-the-go or on my nightstand.

I love using essential oils in my diffuser. Peppermint is one of my favorite oils because it offers so many benefits! Peppermint oil is refreshing, mood boosting and helps relieve headaches.

Bare Beauty & Room Spray

The Peppermint Body lotion and Peppermint Lip balm may be petite in packaging but a little product goes a long way! All I need is a little dab of the lip balm on my lips. The body lotion is very thick and I just need a little swipe to moisturize and protect my hands. I like to add a layer of the Peppermint Body lotion on my skin just before bed. I get to relax and unwind to the cooling scent of peppermint and my skin is soft and smooth.

Since I no longer use soy candles or air fresheners, I rely on my oil diffusers to humidify, purify and add scent to our air. That’s where the Peppermint + Tea Tree Room spray comes in. Adding a few spritzes allows me to freshen up any room.

Our windows are very difficult to open, so I do try to open our front door to allow some fresh air in, but we can only do that when our son is at school. The Peppermint + Tea Tree Room spray is great for a quick refresh. The scent does not last long but it does help freshen stale air.

TechAway Roll opened

The Peppermint + Tea Tree Room spray is perfect to use around the home or car to help freshen and clean the air. Yes, I use the room spray in the car! I take this with us on our road trips! Along with using houseplants and oil diffusers to purify our air, a natural room spray is another bonus way to add scent to your air.

You can find Bare on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

You can find Great Useful Stuff on their website, Facebook and Twitter.


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