Naturally Radiant and Clear Skin

Naturally Radiant and Clear Skin

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I am really starting to become a big fan of Clarity MD. In a previous post, I had the opportunity to review the Clarity MD 2-Step System. I have been continuing to use the system in conjunction with an antibiotic from my dermatologist. The results speak for themselves; my skin has been looking phenomenal!

So, when I had the chance to try a brand new product from Clarity MD, I was ecstatic! The ClarityMD Multi-Effect Brightening Moisturizer sounded like just what I needed; a product that combats acne and also that works over time to fight the effects of aging. Activ8 Peptides gradually brightens and helps even skin tone. Bakuchiol and a special Chamomile Complex purify and calm skin. These all natural ingredients work together to achieve flawless radiance. Like other Clarity MD products, the Multi-Effect Brightening Moisturizer is cruelty-free, vegan, and eco-friendly.

I’ve incorporated Clarity MD products into my morning and evening rituals. First, I wash and exfoliate my face with the Deep Pore Cleanser and Clarifying Konjac Sponge. After I’ve dried my face, I apply the Clarifying Serum and allow the product to completely dry on my face. Lastly, I will apply a pea-sized amount of the Multi-FX Brightening Moisturizer to my face and neck. The consistency reminds me of a light gel without any stickiness.

Naturally Clear and Radiant Skin

I’ve noticed that throughout the day, my skin appears bright and youthful. It’s nice to have a dewy look to my skin that isn’t oily or makes me feel self-conscious. My entire life I believed that because I had acne-prone skin I couldn’t use a moisturizer. I was always afraid it would be too heavy and cause massive break-outs. However, Clarity MD’s Multi-Effect Brightening Moisturizer has proven to me that hydration doesn’t have to be weighty. The consistency can be light and still incredibly effective.

Try ClarityMD Multi-Effect Brightening Moisturizer for yourself. So far, I have experienced all positive results! Clearer, more radiant skin and a big boost in my self confidence!

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