Natural Healing With A New Super Beauty Ingredient

Natural Healing With A New Super Beauty IngredientBeauty Brite Disclosure

As I lay here in bed thankful that I can go to sleep without the aches and pain that I normally face I can say that this Thanksgiving I am truly thankful for products that work and give real results and relief.

CBD for life has created a new line of products that are infused with Cannabidiol (CBD) using 99% pure CBD extract. Not just one of their products have helped me achieve a happy lifestyle but by using their entire beauty and wellness package I am wishing I would of had these products years ago.

The Beauty and Wellness package includes a huge variety of their products and it was a great way for me to get a taste of what I like, what I need, and what I will continue to use. This set includes a total of 10 products and it is very affordable at their website

Included in the set is:

CBD Eye Serum

CBD Face Cream

CBD Lip Balm

CBD Pure Body Massage Lotion

CBD Pure Face & Body Cleanser

CBD Pure Foot Cream

CBD Oral Spray

CBD For Life Rub

CBD Extract Pain Relief Spray

The total value of all of these products is $205.91, but you can purchase it at this moment on their website for $139.00. Although you can purchase each one individually, I recommend getting the set so you can see for yourself which products work best for you. I have a few favorites out of the set that I know I will continue using for as long as they make it.

Do you yourself or anyone that you know suffer from anxiety? I developed this condition a few years back and I am the type of person that will try anything before I go to a doctor and get prescribed medicine. In the past I have used natural calming chamomile pills and I like to pop in a peppermint at the same time to calm my nerves. Sometimes this does’t work and the nervousness is just too much to handle. CBD for life has an oral spray that really helps in those desperate situations.


Being on the verge of going to the doctor to get a prescription for anxiety I happen to receive my Beauty and Wellness Package. And read about the benefits of using the CBD for life 99% pure extract oral spray. I tested it my self in a moment where I felt anxiety coming on and I am here to tell you that it honestly helped me to feel calm and relieved me from an anxiety attack.

This time of year is when my lips stay dry, flaky and chapped the most. I am constantly buying chap stick and lip gloss. I love the look of a gloss but it doesn’t ever cure the dryness of my lips it just draws attention to the flakiness of them. Lip balm works but it doesn’t give me the gloss that I like.


The CBD for life Pure CBD Lip Balm is one of my favorite new lip products because it allows my lips to heal while giving them the gloss look that I like. It comes in a .3 oz squeezable tube that makes it super easy to control how much you want to put on. Being in a tube it also allows you to use every last bit of it unlike some of the hard containers that have a sponge applicator.

It feels really good on your lips while keeping them moisturized and nourished.Its small size makes it easy to keep in your pocket or even a small clutch. This product would make a great stocking stuffer for anyone!

I love using a cleanser and a lotion that are from the same line because I feel like they work together to give you the best results for your skin. The CBD for life face and body cleanser and the CBD for life hand and body massage lotion work great alone or using them together.


The CBD for life Pure CBD Face and Body Cleanser is a unique wash that is great for your face and your body as well. I like that it replaced 2 items in my shower and my husband and I both use it. It lathers richly and cleans clogged pores on your face. It cleanses your skin leaving a great smooth surface for the CBD Hand and Body Massage Lotion.


All of these products are great and beneficial. These are a few of my favorites from the set, but I am sure you would love them all as I did. These would make great gifts for your family and friends or just a great gift of wellness to yourself.

CBD for life can be purchased on their website.


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  1. denise low says:

    We really need these in our home. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Gabrielle says:

    I’ve been hearing a lot about CBD lately. Good to know it’s not just hype.

  3. Anita Duvall says:

    I must admit: I knew the CBD existed in vapes and oils, but not in beauty products. Great review.

  4. Pretty good savings and would make a nice gift for someone out there.

  5. I’ve recently heard of this brand and it sounds interesting!

  6. They look interesting, an option to try for discomfort.

  7. Lisa Brown says:

    The graphic design on the packaging is cool — very minimalist.

  8. tat2gurlzrock says:

    I have never heard of this brand. I think I would LOVE this set!

  9. gloria patterson says:

    What I like about reading about products is someone real has used it and giving a honest opinion. have never heard of this brand but I am very interested

  10. louisamay29 says:

    wish this brand was available in Australia

  11. April Bentley says:

    I love natural beauty brand, so I will definitley have to check this out!

  12. I had not heard of this brand until now. I always am willing to try something new to find out what works for me.

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