National Dress Up Your Pet Day

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Today is National Dress Up Your Pet Day. It’s the perfect time to share some really awesome new pet accessories with our readers. I swear, you are gonna love these. They are so stinkin’ cute!!!

They’re called Zoo Snoods. They are the most adorable hand-knitted hats/hoods for your favorite canine and feline friends to wear to keep their heads and ears warm while outdoors on cold winter days.

Being a crocheter and knitter myself, the appeal of this items perhaps needs no explanation. I have always wanted to try my hand at whipping up a handmade coat or ear warmer for our cats and dogs. But, it’s one of those things that is on my perpetual to-do list and never seems to get done.

Zoo Snoods-Giraffe

Zoo Snoods come in quite a few cute animal variations. I chose a giraffe for our Golden Retriever, Charles, and a unicorn for our Beagle/Jack Russell mix, Jaci. I ordered a size small in the unicorn because she seems like such a small dog next to Charles, but it was readily apparent upon opening the packaging that she is in fact NOT a small dog!

But, not to fear because I have five cats that could be transformed into the cutest little unicorns. Not willingly, of course, cuz … cats. You know, they’re not exactly known for their cooperation skills unless whatever you’re attempting to get them to do is perceived as their idea to begin with. LOL

Charles is a golden retriever that came to our family in a fairly unconventional way in 2010, or thereabouts. He was a rescue, himself. He started coming around our house from somewhere in the neighborhood and he and my kids formed a bit of a bond. But, he wasn’t ours and I was certain someone must be missing him, so I placed an ad in the Lost & Found section of our local paper. He had a leather collar with his name engraved on it and I was not about to release him to anyone who couldn’t tell me the name.

Long story short, a woman called claiming him and knew the details I wanted to know. She told me about him having been rescued from a home with dozens of dogs who were all being neglected. She told me, also, that she wasn’t sure she and her husband could keep him because even though he was still a pup he was nearly full grown and was too large for them to keep in the house. But when she put him outside in the backyard he just cried and barked nonstop. I told her I’d bring him home and that we loved him and would gladly give him a forever home if he was too much for her. She was a really nice older lady, we spoke for probably about 30 minutes when I took him back to their home.

Two days later, he showed back up at our house. I called the woman to let her know and it was determined that our home would be his home now. She was sad but grateful. I was, too. But, he’s had a really great life with us. He’s getting white in the face now, where once his face was all the most beautiful golden color. But, he’s still just as spunky and full of life as ever.

Zoo Snoods-Giraffe

That said, he wasn’t much interested in the giraffe Zoo Snood. He saw the leash and that was ALL he could see because he knew he was going outside! I managed to get a few pictures but after several tries (with me telling him to stand up, for goodness sake) he finally managed to do what he loves best — flop down and roll in the grass. All I could do was laugh. What are a few grass stains on his lovely new snood, anyway? They’ll wash out.

Zoo Snoods-Unicorn


Zoo Snoods-Unicorn

I decided to try the Unicorn Snood on our lovely little Callie. She’s a dark-furred feline beauty and I thought the colors in the snood would contrast nicely with her dark fur. She had no earthly idea what was going on and kept batting at the snood with her paw thinking it was a colorful new toy. I finally got it on, though, and she looked adorable!

Zoo Snoods-Unicorn

The whole time, our kitty boy, Cheetoh, was lurking around watching the fun. I figured what the heck, he’d get a turn with it, too. He was adorbs!! We came to welcome Cheetoh into our home through my youngest daughter’s friend. Her family had found him as a kitten and took him in, but he was too active for them and had destroyed some things in their home. They tried everything but couldn’t get him to stop and were considering declawing him as a last resort. I am vehemently against this practice, as you can imagine. So, he’s ours now, with claws fully intact. And he’s not destroyed anything, though everything does seem to be considered a toy for his amusement … and I do mean everything! 

Aside from the giraffe and unicorn pictured here you can choose from some other similarly fantastic options: Grizzly Bear, Black Bear, Panda Bear, Reindeer, Fox, Bull, Dinosaur, Horse, Jack Rabbit, Bunny Rabbit or a Monkey. If a snood isn’t your pet’s style, definitely check out the crocheted spiked dog collar!!! It’s very cool.

If the cuteness factor isn’t enough to entice you to purchase one of their products for your pooch or favorite kitty, consider another reason to give them a try. Here it is. They use part of their proceeds to help animals!

This is my favorite kind of business. They provide a service and/or product that is not only fun but functional and they donate money from every purchase to support organizations that help rescue and protect animals that are in need. In addition, they also provide Zoo Snoods to pet adoption organizations to help animals in need of a forever home to present themselves to prospective families with their best face forward.

I mean, what else do you want from them? Handmade, whimsical products that serve a necessary function AND they use the money they earn to help other animals that are in need.

Zoo Snoods-Unicorn


Which Zoo Snood would you choose and what kind of pet would it be for?



National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day

National Dress Up Your Pet Day


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  1. This is so interesting! We love dressing up our pets. I’ll have to look into this company for sure! Looks like they have awesome designs.

  2. Oh wow! I can’t believe you have so many pets! That’s so cool! I currently only have one dog with me because I stay in an apartment, but I’m definitely looking to get more dogs when I move to a bigger place. On a side note, I totally agree with you on Zoo Snoods! My maltipoo loves it to bits, and wouldn’t go for a walk until she has it on. And after seeing how cute your Charles is with the giraffe snood, I’m definitely going to have to get one for my Pebbles too!

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