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About mybotto:

mybotto is designed to hold up to 40 ounces of lotions, gels, shampoos, conditioners – you name it. While its design is patented, it’s really mybotto’s metallic, chrome and recyclable plastic finishes that give it the sleek look and feel any fashion-conscious gal or guy would want. Please see the full release below.

My Review:

I love saving money.  I have always lived modestly and followed a budget.  With the economy and the experience of job loss in our family, I have learned to save money wherever we can.  I save money with coupons too.

mybotto in action

When I heard about mybotto, I knew that I wanted to review the product!  I hated throwing away bottles of lotion, shampoo or conditioner knowing there was product left at the very bottom of the bottles.  With mybotto, you can use gravity to your advantage and use every last bit of lotion, shampoo, conditioner and more!

mybotto two bottles

As you can see, I have turned my lotion bottles upside down using the mybotto.   Don’t waste your money or your product by throwing them away because you can’t reach the very last bit.  Imagine how much product left at the very bottom of the bottle.

Not only are mybotto’s stylish and come in cute colors, but they are convenient to use!  There are a wide range of colors, so you can still use them with your significant other’s products too.  Overtime, using mybotto will help reduce waste, while being nifty and smart for ourselves and our planet.

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  1. What a cool product! I hate never getting to the bottom of that bottle!

  2. Debbie McMullen says:

    What a great idea! I always have that bottom of the bottle problem – and they look so nice!

  3. Let’s just say it’s reduced waste… But what prove that it is saving money? This product is quite expensive~

    • Hello Ewen, thanks for leaving comment.

      As you can know, toothpastes, lotions, shampoo(conditional)and etc., that you have used. Absolutely 25% of them are left unused in bottles simply because product is stuck in the bottom of the container.
      In the long run for every four bottles of a certain product you buy are wasting the equivalent of the one whole bottle.
      Therefore, Economical savings are BIG in the long run.
      I hope this comment will help you with your questions. Cheers 🙂
      Support myBotto with me bro 😛


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