My Online and Offline World

My Online and Offline World

My online and offline world collide in so many ways. I use my online world to blog about my offline world, check emails, social media and anything else that is happening in the world. As for my offline world, I do like to blog about it, especially if something interesting happened. They are different in that when I am not connected to the online world, I take the opportunity to enjoy the quiet time.

When I blog about my personal life, I have written about dreams, my brother and even my shopping frenzy! Regardless, my offline world gives me content to write about! There are some things I don’t mind writing about on my blog and other times, I don’t feel the need to share. All in all, I am always looking for new content to write about.

As for my online world, I take a break from social media when I have a ton of work to do! Yesterday, I had a lot of work I wanted to do. I even made a “to do” list on top of my on-going “to do” lists. I made a list specifically for the things I wanted to accomplish. Using lists really keeps me focused! I was able to write two reviews, take pictures for upcoming posts and edit pictures. I also took about a half hour for a phone call regarding a review opportunity! It was an exhausting day but I felt like I got a lot done!

Yesterday evening, I was also able to write 4 additional reviews! They are Amazon reviews, so they don’t require as much work compared to blog reviews.

When there is work to be done, I do it during the week when my son is at school. My husband is usually asleep during most of the morning, so that gives me plenty of time to write, take pictures and edit pictures.

What do your online and offline worlds look like?


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