My Journey To Learn To Ride A Bike

My Journey To Learn To Ride A Bike

I remember learning to ride a bike. My brother and I were close in age, so we both learned together. I remember we had tricycles and then we learned to ride on a bike with training wheels. Learning to ride a bike with training wheels takes coordination and even balance.

One day, I saw my friends riding their bikes without training wheels and I was determined to learn! I wanted to ride my bike with my friends without training wheels, just like them! My parents wanted to start us off with just taking one training wheel off. Once I got used to doing that, they took off the second training wheel. I remember almost losing my balance too! It took some getting used to but I learned to balance myself and steer the bike at the same time.

Just by learning to ride a bike, I learned problem solving skills. I learned to use my skills to ride and balance on my own. My parents encouraged me. Both my brother and I learned together which made it even more fun.

Learning to ride a bike was a big part of my childhood! My friends and I used to ride our bikes all the time. My brother and I used to ride our bikes with our cousins to school. Riding our bikes was so much fun and great exercise.

Looking back, I had a great childhood. I wish I could give my son something similar. I would love to have our own house or even a condo with a small yard. I would love to have a small yard for my son to play outside while being safe. He needs a fenced yard, plus I would also have a space to take pictures for my blog!

Do you have any fun and exciting childhood memories? Do you remember learning to ride a bike?


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