My Favorite Ways To Use A Portable Fan

My Favorite Ways To Use A Portable Fan - Honeywell Turbo Portable Folding FanBeauty Brite Disclosure

Portable fans of all sizes can be found in homes and businesses for the purposes of circulating air in areas where chemicals are used, to cool areas where the air conditioning is inoperable or where it’s not feasible to have air conditioning, as well as to assist in drying water damage to the interiors of buildings after storms, floods or pipe leaks.

Portable fans can be a lifesaver in many situations. Honeywell is a brand of fans that my family is already familiar with as my husband and I have the Honeywell Table Air Circulator Fan on one of the nightstands in our bedroom that we use nightly.

Honeywell Table Air Circulator Fan - Black

I have used fans around my home over the years for many different reasons, but the main one is just for personal comfort. My husband and I are used to having a fan running in our bedroom at night because we enjoy the circulation of the air around us as well as the white noise that a running fan can provide.

While we love our table fan, it’s not exactly small enough to easily pack to take with us when we go out of town on vacation. Believe me, we miss the three available speeds that we can choose depending on the force of air flow or white noise we are used to having while we sleep at night.

But the Honeywell Turbo® on the Go! portable fan will be a nice option to have for future vacation plans as it is small enough it can be held comfortably in one hand and folds flat for easy packing in tight suitcase areas.

Honeywell Turbo Portable Folding Fan

Honeywell Turbo® Portable Folding Fan

So here it is. See? Small and easily tucked inside luggage, tote bags, overnight cases or any other number of luggage options. The handle folds flat around the fan during storage or for packing purposes but pulls out with several placement options to position the fan or hang it up depending on how you want to use it.

Right now, I’m mostly using it at night on my nightstand (since my husband has the larger fan on his nightstand). Right away, it is clear that there are pretty big differences between the portable folding fan and the table top fan.

First, the portable folding fan has only one speed. You need only press the power button to turn it on or off. Since it only has one speed it doesn’t create as much airflow as the table fan can with its three available speeds. So, it’s best used in a location that is close by to where you are sitting or lying to feel the air flow.

Also, it’s very quiet due to the fact that is it small and has but one speed. If you enjoy white noise while you sleep, the smaller fan will still give you that, but you just won’t be able to choose how loud the white noise is like you can with a variable speed fan.

Honeywell Turbo Portable Folding Fan

Honeywell Turbo Portable Folding Fan

The Honeywell Turbo® on the Go! portable fan comes with a USB cable included to power the fan. The fan can also be powered by four AA batteries (not included). If you desire a wall adapter to power the fan, you can purchase one separately.

One advantage the smaller fan has over the larger one is that it’s better for use on your desk to gently move air around you while you work or to take when you are on-the-go to the beach, park, pool, camping or anywhere you may want to use it to cool yourself off from the heat of summer. It will slide right into a beach bag, book bag or tote to go wherever you go. This is where the battery-powered option becomes invaluable.

Honeywell Turbo Portable Folding Fan

Personally, I’ve also been using this fan a lot on my rear deck. I love being outside when the weather is warm while I’m reading, talking on the phone or working on my laptop. But, this summer has been nothing but hot and humid weather! Ugh. The portable fan is the perfect size to plug into the USB port on my laptop and keep me cool even when it’s hot outside!

Honeywell Turbo Portable Folding Fan

This little fan is perfect! No matter where I have used it — from my outdoor “office†to my bedroom to the coffee table — it has created a comfortable environment wherever I need it!

Are you a “fan†of fans? What is your favorite use for your portable fan?

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Disclaimer: I was provided the small portable fan shown free of charge to facilitate review. No other compensation was received. All opinions are 100% my own. The larger fan shown was purchased several years ago by myself and my husband and is only discussed to show differences in uses and options between these two Honeywell portable fans.










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  1. I need this for work! We don’t have assigned desks, so we just sit anywhere, but it gets so hot in there sometimes! Well, I’ve noticed that I am comfortable when others have to put on a sweater. This would be great for that!

    • I know what you mean. When I worked as a cashier, everyone had a small battery operated fan and I eventually had to get one too! Even when I worked in an office, I loved using my fan!

  2. such a cute little fan!

  3. gloria patterson says

    This would be perfect for so many reason, travel, hospital, etc going to have to order this

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