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I grew up in a household where petroleum jelly was used for everything! There was always a tube of it in our medicine cabinet, ready to use on every minor burn and knee scrape. It was the “cure-all” of my childhood.

As an adult, I’ve read various articles that petroleum jelly may not be good for you. Some research indicates that petroleum jelly may contain harmful carcinogens. When I read about the negative side effects, I was heartbroken. It was time to find a replacement for the product I’d loved for decades. Thankfully, I didn’t have to look far! When I had the opportunity to try Waxelene, I was ecstatic!

Waxelene is the first product on the market to provide a breathable, waterproof barrier. It is completely natural, sustainable, and contains no harmful chemicals. When I read the label, I was happy to see that I was familiar with all of the ingredients; nothing strange or artificial.


As someone that constantly suffers the wrath of dry lips, Waxelene Peppermint Lip Tube works perfectly for me. It fits easily into my purse and is the ultimate on-the-go product. The Waxelene Peppermint Lip Tube glides on easily and keeps my lips hydrated; never greasy.


Waxelene Flip Top Tube has been the best alternative I’ve found for petroleum jelly. I love that this handy flip tube is portable and convenient to carry around. I bring this with me on road trips, vacations, and even quick jaunts to the playground! It works great on the minor cuts and scrapes my rowdy preschooler always seems to be acquiring.

Another great use I have found for Waxelene is for my son’s eczema. For the last week, I’ve been applying a little dab of Waxelene to one of his larger patches of eczema. Each day, I’ve noticed the inflammation seems to be reduced and he is itching far less. This is great news for a mom like me that has searched high and low to find products that work with his stubborn eczema!

Since discovering Waxelene, I’m perfectly okay with ditching my old school petroleum jelly. I like using a product that is natural and safe for me and my entire family. It has officially become my new “cure-all” and I love it! Have you made the natural switch to Waxelene?

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