My Favorite Form of Exercise

My Favorite Form of Exercise

Have you ever thought about your favorite form of exercise? For me, I used to love cardio! Originally, I first started doing Tae Bo. I started with the 8 minute Tae Bo video that I downloaded online. A few months after I got married, I discovered Winsor Pilates. I loved both workouts because I didn’t need much equipment. With pilates, I only needed a mat. It was so much fun to learn! I do miss my cardio but these days, I am into walking and jogging on my treadmill.

Eventually, I want to work cardio into my routine. The issue of space is keeping me from doing my exercises in the living room. Our living room in our current place isn’t very wide, plus we have things in the way. In our last place, I loved our living room because it was more square shaped and I had a few more feet to stretch out! For now, I am happy with my treadmill workouts.

I prefer to workout alone, which is why I have always done my exercising at home. I can workout in my living room without worrying about a babysitter. My son usually likes to be near me so he will usually sit on the couch or play in the next room.

I do believe it would be great to have a friend to workout with. These days, I do need the motivation. I am trying to stay positive and motivate myself.

I find myself so busy with blogging and family! I love taking care of my family and stay busy with my blogs. Both give me a purpose! With my blogging, I am able to help pay the bills and we have a lot of opportunities we would otherwise not have.

What are your favorite workout programs? What keeps you busy? How do you stay motivated?


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