Motherless Mothers Day: 10 Year Anniversary

Motherless Mothers Day_ 10 Year Anniversary
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Another Mothers day is coming soon. Mom this year will make 10 years since you’ve been gone. I miss you so much, and some days it seems like the pain will never end. They say that time heals all wounds but losing you is a cut that will never close. I want to take a little while mom and tell you what all you’ve missed this past 10 years.

A Beautiful Mother

You left us too soon.

Four months after you passed, I got married. You were so very happy about the wedding, and how I long for you to be there. We made sure to make you a special seat up front and had your picture in your spot. Momma, I had pawpaw walk me down the aisle. It was beautiful, Oh how I wish you were here.

Wedding Day

A little over a year after you passed we lost pawpaw. I’m sure you know that already because I’m sure the two of you are causing all kinds of trouble up there. I know when he left us, you are the one person he wanted to see first. Those are some of the last words he spoke to me before he passed was ” I’m ready to go see Sissy now.” So you two don’t get in too much trouble up there.

The Bonanno Children

Momma, did you know you have four amazing grand children? Our very first we of course named her Emmalee after you, even if we do spell it a little different. Oh and Miss Ansley, she acts and looks just like you. She test me at every turn but I wouldn’t trade her for anything. Now let’s talk about Salvatore, he would have been your favorite i’m sure. Those big blue eyes of his could melt the world. Finally baby Iris, I know you sent her to us. You knew I needed her before even I did. I wish you were here so much to enjoy them with me. I find myself wanting to call you constantly to ask you a question or tell you something funny they did.

Mom I know it was you that kept us alive in the car accident two years ago when we were hit by that drunk driver. There is no way that any of us should have survived but you were protecting us. I guess I still had things left here to do.

Mod Mademoiselle Flowers

The perfect flowers.

Every single day I miss you, mom. So for the 10th Anniversary of your death, I want to get you some really pretty flowers, and with Mothers Day right around the corner, I want you to be able to celebrate also in heaven.

My favorite place to order flowers from is Teleflora. I’ve gotten flowers from there before and they are always so beautiful. So I knew they would be the ideal place to find the perfect flowers for my mothers grave. I like the Mod Mademoiselle bouquet because I love all the beautiful white roses, set off by the soft pink baby roses. One of the great things about Teleflora is that the flowers are never delivered boxed like other places. The flowers are always fresh and beautiful. Before delivery, they even called to confirm someone would be there to get them. There is a great selection forever need and occasion. I’m sure any mother would be more than happy to receive one of their beautiful collections. To get one for your mom be sure to visit their website, Facebook, or Instagram.

Grave Flowers

Never take those days you have with your mother for granted. You never know when might be the last time you hear her voice or see her smile. Don’t wait until memories are all you have left. From me to you, Happy Mothers Day.


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