Morning Workout Motivation Tips

Morning Workout Motivation Tips

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Mornings can be so hectic, especially if you have kids. Some days, it may feel like a struggle just to get everyone out the door on time. On days like those, squeezing in a morning workout might be the last thing on your mind. However, a morning workout can give you an extra energy boost and help you have a more productive day.

Are you interested in starting a morning workout routine, but aren’t sure you have the time? Here are a few of my favorite tips for making morning workouts easier!

Lay Out Your Outfit
It’s such a simple thing to do, but choosing your workout outfit the night before can make the next morning go much more smoothly! Before you go to bed, choose your workout gear and lay it out so it’s easy to get dressed right away. If you hit the gym and head to work right after, pack up your work clothes and gear in advance. That way, you won’t be scrambling to get things together or forget to bring something important.

Eat Your Breakfast
When you’re in a bit of a hurry, skipping breakfast might seem like a great way to save yourself some time. However, you need a wholesome breakfast to fuel your workout. You don’t need to prepare a complicated meal if you’re short on time. Some whole wheat toast with some peanut or almond butter can make an excellent (and quick) breakfast that will help you feel full.

Drink Plenty of Water
It might be tempting to just drink your morning cup of coffee and then head out the door, but don’t forget to drink water as well. After a full night’s sleep, it’s important to rehydrate when you wake up. Make it easier for yourself by drinking a full glass of water right when you get up, and bringing a bottle of water with you for your workout.

Set Multiple Alarms
If you’re a serial snoozer, you may want to set a few alarms in the morning so you don’t sleep through your workout. You might also want to set your alarm to go off a bit earlier than you actually need to get up, so you don’t oversleep if you hit snooze a few times. Over time, your new routine will get easier.

Best of all, a morning workout can be the perfect way to set aside some time for yourself. It might be rough when the alarm goes off those first few mornings, but before you know it you’ll be looking forward to your new morning routine when you go to bed at night!

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