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Money Secrets of the Amish Finding True Abundance in Simplicity, Sharing, and Saving
By Lorilee Craker
Published by Thomas Nelson

About the book:

Discover the money-saving and wealth-building secrets of America’s thriftiest people, the Amish.

Then, inspired by a news segment covering her people, the Amish, and how they emerged from the economic crisis unscathed, she realized it was time to get back to her roots and learn a thing or two about their time-tested approach to personal finances. While the middle-class was wringing its hands over the family budget and the wealthy were weeping over their slashed portfolios, the Amish were content as always, spared from the cares of the world and worldliness. They not only had financial health to support their lives, they exuded a wholeness that eludes so many when the financial bottom drops out.

In Money Secrets of the Amish, readers go on an “Amish money makeover,” learning the choices, secrets, and disciplines that safeguarded the contentment and the coffers of America’s favorite plain folk by spending less, saving more, and getting happier doing it.

My Review:

I enjoyed reading Money Secrets of the Amish as it reminded me of how I used to think.  Before I got married, I had great credit, I was very frugal and didn’t spend as frivolous and think about wanting things as I do now.  In the last few years, I have really had to rethink my purchases and hold back on the impulse buys.  Being unemployed, married, and having a spouse that is also unemployed, we have really had to cut back and not buy the things we want.  This book made me realize that it’s time to stop wanting and start saving and being frugal again!  I really should stop listening to my husband teasing me about being frugal considering our financial situation.

Lately, we were talking about getting expensive electronic toys, but in reality, we didn’t absolutely need them.  Thankfully we didn’t follow our impulse and buy them on a whim, we instead waiting and thought about it.

I do need to be less selfish and start thinking about our future.  I prefer living a simple life, just not as simple as the Amish.

This book can be purchased at Amazon.

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  2. This sounds like a great book! I've read a lot of fiction books about the Amish, but never a non-fiction book like this one.

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