Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can… Review

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Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can…




Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can…
By Colleen Phillips & Feli Robles

About the book:

Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can… is a simple, photo-driven book that offers busy, overwhelmed mothers (e.g., all mothers!) fun and relaxing ideas of things to do and easy-to-use forms to help make sure their Time-Out happens. Feli and Colleen, mothers themselves, know that for moms, time is a commodity, so they put these ideas in pictures and kept the text short, sweet and to the point, not to mention witty! The women in the photos are not professional models but rather real moms who also understand the importance of a good Time-Out, because when mommy is happy, everyone is happy! Whether you read this book front to back, or just turn to a random page, you will find inspiring, funny and helpful ideas to support the overwhelmed mother.

I received an ARC of the book for the purpose of this review.

If you are a mom like me, you are aware of how little time we have for ourselves, let alone take the time for ourselves.  As I sat down to read Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can… my son decides to misbehave.  He likes to play with water.  He likes to play at the kitchen sink by running the water which makes it splash all over the counter.  I have told him several times not to do it.  He has special needs, so I try to be understanding with him, so I just remind him over and over.

I love the format of the book.  It is short and easy to read.  The pictures are beautiful and definitely give me a visual of each task they present.  It is a quick read, but very effective in reminding busy moms to take time for ourselves.  It reminds us that it is okay to take a break to recharge.

The inspiration from the book came from watching an Oprah episode in 2008 about a mom who left her child in the car with devastating result.  I remember the exact episode because I was watching it too.  It was so sad and I definitely felt bad for the mother.  I did not blame her and I could see the hurt and guilt in her eyes.  That could have been any mother.  As moms, we’d like to think we are all perfect.  I am the first to admit that I am not perfect and have blamed myself for things that have happened while raising my son.  I am not perfect.

Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can...

If you are looking for inspiration or ideas on how you can take time for yourself, I recommend reading Mommy Time-Out Means Mommy Can…  I love each idea.  I already take the time for yoga each day.  It helps me relax my mind, body and soul.  It literally soothes my whole being.  Being a mom and wife is stressful and add our daily duties, it can be too much.  It is okay to take time for yourself.  This book reminds you that you shouldn’t feel guilty about finding your inner goddess.  Find your inner warrior.

This book would be the perfect gift for any mom!

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