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I cannot stop thinking about the new show that premiered on Monday night called Mistresses.  I had no idea it was a new show coming on the air.  We have not had cable TV in over a year now, so I don’t keep up with commercials, TV show promos or movie trailers.  In other words, I do not keep up with new shows and movies that are out.

I had heard of the show Mistresses from the UK version that I have seen on Netflix, but never really paid attention to it.  I am excited about the American version and will be watching it online.  I only found out about Mistresses on accident.  I check Hulu every morning for the new episodes of my favorite shows.  That is how I watch my current shows, by watching online on Hulu.

How could I not love the of the actors in the show?  First, there is Alyssa Milano.  I loved her in Charmed!  I am an avid ABC network fan.  I am already a fan of Grey’s Anatomy and Lost!  So I immediately recognized Yunjin Kim who plays Karen Rhodes and Jason George who plays Dominic Taylor.  There is a fourth actor that I recognized but could not recall where I have seen her before.  Her name is Rochelle Aytes and she plays April Malloy.  I just adore that ABC uses the same actors in different shows!  It is another chance to see my favorite actors in different roles!

After one episode, I am hooked on the show.  For starters, I had no idea that this show was going to premiere in the first place, nor have I seen any of the promos on ABC.  There is another show on ABC that I am fascinated with.  The show is called Motive and I just love how it is set up.  It is definitely not your typical crime show.

Have you watched Mistresses yet?  Do you plan on watching it?

Mother Said

Desperate Housewives (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I think Mistresses will help to fill the void that Desperate Housewives left when it went off the air.  I miss Desperate Housewives.  I loved the scandal and secrets surrounding the characters.  Mistresses is very similar because it touches on the naughty, mystery, suspense and beautiful characters and their stories.


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  1. Rachel N says:

    I had not heard of this show either! Looks like a good line up of actors though.


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