Men in Black: International

At Beauty Brite, we love movies! We are lucky enough to have an amazing team of writers. We love sharing our favorite movies! Looking for an action-packed film that is fun for the whole family? You’re in luck! Men in Black: International is out on Blu-ray now and you don’t want to miss it!

Men in Black International
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Sony Pictures was gracious enough to provide me with the fun package pictured below so me and the family could enjoy the movie in style! Check out the Neuralyzer Pen, T-shirts, and glasses they sent!

Men in Black International Viewing Kit - Sony Pictrues
MovieViewing Kit – Sony Pictures

New Cast, Exciting Places

Men in Black International - Neurlyzer Pen
MIB Neurlyzer Pen

I love the Men in Black films, so when I heard they were taking it global, I knew I had to see it. Starring Chris Hemsworth as Agent H and Tessa Thompson as Molly/Agent M., the new installment finds the Men in Black fighting in new places around the world such as London, Paris, Marrakesh, and Naples. Molly, also known as Agent M, saw her parents neuralyzed by Men in Black at a young age and has been searching for the agency since.

The Movie

Ready to Watch Men in Black International
Ready to Watch Men in Black International

While this movie is much different from the others as far as cast and location go, it stays true to the original elements of the other films. It is full of action and humor and Hemsworth and Thompson complement each other nicely to create a well-balanced film that is fun for the whole family Go grab your copy on Blu-ray today! @meninblack #MIB

Men in Black International Viewing Party
Men in Black International Viewing Party

For more information on the film visit the website. You can purchase Men in Black: International on Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

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  1. I like all these MIB movies.

  2. missed Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith but still a good movie.

  3. Dana Rodriguez says

    I want to see this even though Will Smith isn’t in it. Looks funny!

  4. Kelly Kimmell says

    I like the first one best. This one was just okay to me.

  5. Sandy Klocinski says

    The MIB movies are awesome! This one looks like fun.

  6. Lydia Goodman says

    Love the MIB Franchise, havent had time to see International yet, but I am planning on it!

  7. I haven’t seen this yet but its on my list!

  8. Steve Weber says

    I never got a chance to see this when it was in theaters.. love the cast, I’ll have to make sure to give it a watch,

  9. This looks like a good movie. I hope to see it soon.

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