Make Yourself Financially Fabulous

Make Yourself Financially Fabulous!
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We all love the enjoyable things our money does for us: Eating out at nice restaurants, getting a fresh manicure or finally buying that designer purse we’ve been coveting for weeks. But how many of us can say we’re truly informed and savvy about how our money can work for us?

I’ll be the first to admit that when I hear financial terminology, my brain begins to buzz. I’d give anything for someone to explain intimidating, financial jargon in a relaxed, informal way that I can understand. That’s where Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin comes in.

Nicole Lapin is a popular financial and business correspondent on multiple television programs, such as Bloomberg Television and The Insider on CBS. She has worked her way from the ground up; gaining knowledge from a combination of personal experience and financial mentors. Nicole Lapin is very candid with readers about what has worked well for her and what has been a complete failure.

The tone of Rich Bitch is very casual; like talking with your best girlfriend over dinner and cocktails. Nicole Lapin’s anecdotes “Rich Bitch Confessions,” will make you laugh and feel a little more human in the daunting world of economics. I greatly appreciated that Rich Bitch never once felt like I was being talked down to or preached at.

Make Yourself Financially Fabulous!

For me, one of the most beneficial parts of Rich Bitch was when Nicole suggests that the reader make a list of business and pleasure goals for the next 1,3,5, and 10 years. I’ve always considered myself passionate and ambitious, but when it came time to put pen to paper, I really struggled. I lacked precise direction with my plans and ideas. I knew what I wanted my endgame to be, but with Rich Bitch’s guidance, I recognized that I needed to map out my stepping stones first. After a couple of hours and many revisions later, I had a plan with the steps necessary to make it happen!

Here is additional information I found helpful from Rich Bitch:

  • Learn to effectively budget
  • Learn to intelligently invest your money and make it flourish!
  • Understand the financial lingo you’ve heard but aren’t really sure about (401k, escrow, mutual fund, etc.)

Rich Bitch is perfect for anyone trying to spread their wings and navigate through the financial world. It will help prevent and repair negative spending habits, provide a sensible money management plan that even allows for a little mindful indulgence, and steer you towards a successful endgame. Forget the little black dress. Rich Bitch by Nicole Lapin is the most important accessory a girl can have!

Learn more about Nicole Lapin and Rich Bitch: Website / Instagram / Facebook / Twitter

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