Make Time for Pie

Make Time for Pie

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Growing up, we had Corelle dishes, Pyrex measuring cups Corningware baking dishes. My mom still has all of those items as they are dependable brand names and they last! While I have not tried to bake in years, I do hope to get back into it soon. In the past, I have made bread and muffins. It is so much fun trying to bake because when I do it, it rarely comes out perfect! If it does, it is always a victory!

I received a Corningware French White Pie Plate that is just beautiful! I am excited because we rarely have dessert. I don’t like to keep junk food in our home. Every once in a while we will buy sweets and treats. I aim to buy healthy foods because we are more likely to eat it. Thankfully, when I am able to go grocery shopping alone, I stick to healthy and good foods. When our son is with me, he likes his snack foods! Of course I do give in because it is only a few things.

Corningware French White Pie Plate

Now that we have a pie plate, this gives me an excuse to buy pie. I can’t remember the last time we had pie. It is a generous 9” pie plate! I bought a pie from Trader Joe’s thinking it would fit perfectly in my pie plate. The pie is smaller than the plate! Regardless, this gave me a reason to buy a pie! By the way, the pie is delicious!!

The French White Pie Plate is easy to clean and I just love it! It will be perfect to use at pot lucks or when we go visit someone, we can bring a pie over in a beautiful pie plate!

You can find more information about the French White Pie Plate at World Kitchen and Walmart.


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