Make Every Breath Count

Make Every Breath Count

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Have you noticed all the rage with essential oils and diffusers? I got into them when I had my first massage about a year ago! After going to the spa as soon as I went in the smell was amazing and I noticed all the diffusers going and the shelves of essential oils. After the relaxing feeling I got from it I knew it was something that I had to have.

Saje is a great place for you to start exploring different essential oils and diffusers! They offer top quality oils and trust me I know from experience it is worth it to get quality in your oils. I have tried the cheaper ones and noticed they are not as effective as the ones with pure quality ingredients! They are also offering free shipping now until Jan 26th of 2017!

The Saje Aroma Breeze Diffuser is the second diffuser that I have owned and let me tell you this is where quality comes in. I bought a cheap one a while back that is made out of bamboo and only after running it for 2 months the bamboo started to fall apart from the moisture. This one is made of high quality plastic and is so much better than the one I previously used.

Need a humidifier?

The Saje Aroma Breeze Diffuser can also be used as a humidifier so you’re really getting 2 products in one. It is very quite and also energy efficient so you wont have to worry about your power bill sky rocketing. It will cut off automatically when it is out of water, and I love this feature because my favorite time to run it is at night when I am going to bed.

Get Started

The Saje Classics is a great diffuser blend collection to get you started. It includes liquid sunshine, stress relief, tranquility, and fortified breeze. Although I love them all mine and my husbands favorite is the stress release. After a long hard and stressful day at work it is so nice to come home and have this smell up our house and relieve some of the tension.

Saje The Classics


If you’re looking for something to keep with you the Saje Pocket Farmacy is an awesome Natural Wellness product! I keep this in my purse and they are small roll on oils that you can use for all types of issues.

Pocket Farmacy

For example the Peppermint Halo is a cooling and soothing blend for the head. I use a small amount of this as soon as I feel a headache coming on and it literally keeps me from getting a major headache. This is so easy to just pull out of your purse and pick one. They stay tightly closed so you wont have to worry about them leaking out.

If you’re experienced in essential oils these are great ones to add to your collection. If you are a first timer this is something I would highly recommend to get you started.

You can find Saje on their website, Facebook and Twitter.


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