Luxury Eye Cream That Offers a Lift From Within

Luxury Eye Cream That Offers a Lift From Within

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The same year I started my blog, I was looking for anti-aging products. I never thought to look for anti-aging eye cream. Since I was on a budget, I saved up my gift cards and earnings from various websites I use. Once I had enough, I purchased a product that was very popular at the time.

Over the years, I have tried many different anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products. I see a difference in my skin and try to rotate my skincare products every so often. I rarely think of using an eye cream, but as I am getting older and not always get the sleep I need, I realize that I do need something to use when I need it most.

3LAB offers a brand new eye cream called Anti-Aging Eye Lift that contains Ephemer™ which offers firming, plumping and brightening anti-age treatment with a “lift from within’ effect.

Ephemer™ the special ingredient in the NEW Ant-Aging Eye Lift Clinical studies of demonstrate:

Increased Antioxidant capacity of the skin.  Your skin becomes its own defense.  Ephemer™ both decreases free radicals in a short time and provides long lasting antioxidant action.  This combined effect reinforces the antioxidant capacity of the skin by 15% in 28 days. 

Reduction in the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  It promotes skin softness and smoothness, which is exceedingly important for the delicate eye area.  Decreases wrinkles by 7% and improves the texture and smoothness in the crow’s feet region by 5%.   

Protection of the Mitochondrial DNA, which is the energy factory of the cells.  It protects the cells from degradation by oxidative stressors enabling the production of energy to continue and keep cells strong and healthy, which translates to more youthful skin.

Reduction in puffiness and dark circles.  A 63% increase in energy in the skin, helps improve the circulation in the eye area to rid it of cellular debris such as dry blood, which can lead to puffiness and dark circles.

An exceptional recovery response to oxidative stress such as UV rays and other environmental stressors.

If you are a busy woman like me, there are times when you wake up with puffy eyes or even dark circles from lack of sleep. Or you have fine lines that are making their presence known. There is a solution. Choose a luxury eye cream!

3LAB Anti-Aging Eye Lift

My husband works full time and a full time student. As a manager, he is on call 24/7. I noticed that he has dark circles and puffy eyes from his crazy work schedule. I really think he could benefit from the 3LAB Anti-Aging Eye Lift as it only takes a few seconds to apply. He only let me use the eye cream on him once.

After using 3LAB Anti-Aging Eye Lift for over a week, I have noticed a difference with the overall look of my eyes. I apply the eye cream in the morning and evening after cleansing and moisturizing. I apply the cream with my ring fingers and lightly dab on the skin around my eyes. The cream absorbs quickly and I can wear it under my makeup.

The 3LAB Anti-Aging Eye Lift is pretty thick, so you only need one little pump of the product. Even that may be too much, so I use the access product all around my eyes. The eye cream may be thick, it feels lightweight on my skin.

You can find 3LAB Anti-Aging Eye Lift at 3LAB and Barney’s New York.


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