Look Stylish Under The Sun

Living in California, the sun is out most days. I like to take walks throughout the day. However, when it’s too cold outside, I tend to do an indoor workout, such as yoga! I prefer wearing cute and flirty styles, even at home. Leggings are my favorite, I can never have too many pairs! From clothes to accessories, we found fun ways to look stylish under the sun! 

Look Stylish Under The Sun
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When my son and I head out to run errands, I always remind him to put his sunglasses on. I make it a point to wear sunglasses when it is bright outside or the sun is out! 

During the Spring and Summer, I like to take the time to apply sunscreen as well. I think skin protection is important. My son dislikes when we have to put sunscreen on but he will tolerate it. 

Sun protection is important to me and I like to set an example for my son. When I make it a routine, he knows it’s something we need to do before heading out. 

Coolibar clothing outfits

I never considered sun protection clothing, however, Coolibar makes it stylish! I chose the Women’s High-Rise Asana Yoga Leggings UPF 50+, Women’s Devi Long Sleeve Fitness T-Shirt UPF 50+ in Bold Berry Heather, Women’s High-Rise Asana Yoga Stirrup Leggings UPF 50+ in Black, and Women’s Tempo Tee UPF 50+ in Charcoal Heather.

The styles are lightweight and easy to wear. I chose long sleeved and leggings, which seem to be perfect for cooler weather. 

Women’s High-Rise Asana Yoga Leggings UPF 50

Let’s start with the Women’s High-Rise Asana Yoga Leggings UPF 50+! They are basic but incredibly functional and comfortable. They are “basic” in that they can easily be worn around the house, run errands, go to doctor’s appointments, and more. I also wear these for my yoga workouts and they are just perfect! Stylish and cute. 

Women’s Devi Long Sleeve Fitness T-Shirt UPF 50 in Bold Berry Heather

Don’t let the Women’s Devi Long Sleeve Fitness T-Shirt UPF 50+ look fool you! Very lightweight and easy to wear for any weather! I love the thumb holes, perfect to wear on a cool day! I recommend getting your normal size, however, if you want a bit of room, size up!

Women’s High-Rise Asana Yoga Stirrup Leggings UPF 50 in Black

The Women’s High-Rise Asana Yoga Stirrup Leggings UPF 50+ are my favorite pair of leggings! I love the stirrup feature! They add a little sass to my look but also allow me a subtle grip on my yoga mat! 

Women’s Tempo Tee UPF 50 in Charcoal Heather

You can’t go wrong with the Women’s Tempo Tee UPF 50+! It is lightweight and the thumb holes are perfect for cool weather. Pair these with any leggings! 

Eye Love Brown Tortoise and Purple Mirrored

I think I found my favorite pairs of sunglasses! I’ve tried the name brands and sports brands. The Eye Love Sunglasses are affordable and so chic! Our weather has been foggy and cold. I can’t wait until the sun comes out so I can wear my new sunglasses. 

I chose the Eye Love Brown Tortoise and Purple Mirrored, both are polarized and offer 100% UVA and UVB Protection. 

I’ve always loved tortoise design, so it was only natural for me to choose the Brown Tortoise frames! They are lightweight and fit perfectly! 

I had to choose the Purple Mirrored frames because they look unique! I love mirrored sunglasses! And purple is one of my favorite colors! 

Now that I have two awesome pairs of sunglasses from Eye Love, my biggest issue is choose which pair to wear! 

I remember hearing the best advice when buying sunglasses, always look for 100% UVA and UVB protection! I don’t skimp on that, I always look for that information on the label. 

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  1. Shannon D Citrino says

    I like the tortoise shell glasses grey top and leggings. I’m all about comfort but want to look good as well


  3. Barbara Lima says

    I use sunscreen, but I will stick to my perscription sunglasses.

  4. April L Roods says

    Good idea.

  5. Melissa Roller says

    Love it

  6. Sheri Conrad says

    I love the leggings and tops!

  7. Denise Farlow says

    Love the purple sunglasses!

  8. I love leggings !

  9. Oh i love style, and makeup

  10. i love sunglasses

  11. My go to style is leggings. all day, everyday. Soooo comfy and it can be comparable to almost anything.

  12. Dana Andrakowicz says

    I live in leggings! These look like great clothes for yoga!

  13. Dana Rodriguez says

    You have some really cute picks. I love their clothing!

  14. ashley lilley says

    there cute

  15. Amber Albertson says

    I have never heard of sun protection clothing! How neat! And such a good concept! Definitely going to hahr to look into that! Thank you🥰

  16. That’s a great outfit. I love the pink top

  17. I have never tried sun protective clothing but will have to check into it.

  18. Cute and comfy looking outfits. Sunblock is a must even on gloomy cloudy days. And sunglasses. When I find affordable spf shirts and clothing for my babies on clearance definitely is great.

  19. Antoinette M says

    Sun protection is so important year round. I love the clothing!

  20. Kelly Freeman says

    After my baby is born in April, maybe I will fit in normal clothes again.

  21. Brianna LaFond says

    I love those tips!

  22. These clothes and accessories look very nice. Thanks for sharing!

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