Look gorgeous with a unique inlet cuff

Look gorgeous with a unique inlet cuff

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As a family, we have only been to the beach a few times. When my in-laws lived in Myrtle Beach, they would take us to the beach. They had all the beach equipment, such as the umbrella, chairs, towels and toys for our son. Even though we only stayed for a few hours at a time, our son never went near the water. He enjoyed playing in the sand. Since he was content not going near the water, the in-laws would watch over him while my husband and I could walk up and down the beach.

Our son loves the water. When we lived with the in-laws, they had a nice big backyard. My husband bought a big inflatable pool for him and he played in it for hours! He loves playing in the water. He also loves sand. He once had a sandbox too. But when you mix the two together, he dislikes going into the ocean or even going near it.

I was recently offered the opportunity to review an Inlet Cuff from Dune Jewelry! As soon as I saw how gorgeous it is, I could not pass it up! When you order from Dune Jewelry, you choose the sand or you can send in your own! They create your unique piece of jewelry!

Inlet cuff beautybrite

I chose the silver Inlet Cuff with sand from Double Rainbow Beach in Hawaii. I wanted sand from Hawaii because I hope to one day go back! I was able to go on vacation to Hawaii right after graduating from high school. I also chose the Double Rainbow Beach because when my brother passed away last July, I wrote him a letter. I asked him to send me signs that he is watching over us. I asked him to send butterflies, rainbows or even coins. So, I chose the sand for the name and location.

wearing inlet cuff beautybrite

Now, I have a beautiful bracelet to wear. It is unique to me and whenever I wear it, I can think of my brother, family, travel all while looking chic! It is very lightweight on my wrist. The bracelet is very simple but it has so much meaning to me.

Dune Jewelry offers a variety of beautiful pieces of jewelry to customize. Choose your jewelry, your sand and that’s it! You can find Dune Jewelry on their website, Facebook and Twitter.

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