Living in two places

Living in two places

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Have you ever lived in two places? Right now, we are doing just that. We are living in two places.

Our lease ends at the end of May. We found an apartment we loved, applied and were approved. We were going to move in at the end of this month.

My in-laws are also moving at the end of May. They currently live in South Carolina and they are moving back to North Carolina. They also applied to the same apartment complex as us and were approved. We found out that their rent was $73 less than ours.

On the day we went in to sign our lease, we asked to talk to the manager about the rent difference. She made us an offer that caught us completely off guard. She said if we moved in that day (this was back in mid-March), our rent would be on the same special my in-laws were approved on. Remember, we were planning on moving in at the end of May. Essentially, we would have an overlap for over a month and a half! We ended up signing the lease for the lower rent. We also signed a two year lease because the rent is so low and affordable.

Since we had the month and a half of overlap, we have been moving our stuff over little by little for the past few weeks. Today was no exception. We packed up four boxes and a few other items to take over to our new apartment. This week, we are working to clear out the shelves and cupboards. By next week, we want to be living on the bare minimums and have most of our stuff moved to our new apartment.

While our son is at school, we do our packing and moving. It is one less worry when he is at school to pack our things.

We are very excited for the move. We will have cheaper rent and more square footage.

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