Lift The Girls While You Sleep

Lift The Girls While You Sleep
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As women age, we are well aware of how our bodies change. Whether we gain weight, look fuller, trying to lose weight, looking and feeling healthier, we are very aware of our own beauty. As for me, I am working towards getting fit. However, I also want that extra help with “the girls.”

We want to look and feel good, which is why we are usually trying to deal with caring for our skin as well as our body. As we age, “the girls” tend to age too! I am well aware that my breasts are not going to stay in place forever nor look like they were when I was in my twenties.

Now, you can help lift the girls while you sleep! Meet the NightLift Nightie Baby Doll!

NightLift Nightie Baby Doll

I am always looking for ways to make my breasts look great and have the support they need. There are a variety of products to try including creams and push up bras! What if you could help lift the girls with the right products?

The NightLift Nightie Baby Doll is super cute and stylish. The nightie is constructed to keep the breasts secure and supported at the same time while you sleep.

The straps help give full support to your breasts and feels comfortable once it is on. To put on the NightLift Nightie Baby Doll, you just put it on like any other bra. Fasten the strap around your chest and then put each shoulder straps on. Finally, adjust the nightie and bra as needed! The only difference is that the nightie has two straps for each shoulder instead of one.

The only discrepancy I found is that the NightLift Nightie Baby Doll online shows that the nightie goes past the model’s hips. However, when I tried the nightie on myself, it only goes to my waist. I realize I am a curvy woman, so I understand the sizing may be different for me. I am happy with the fit and it looks more like a camisole on me. The nightie matches perfectly with my many black tops should I choose to wear it underneath anything.

NightLift Seamless Boy Shorts

I also received the NightLift Seamless Boy Shorts in black. The shorts are very flattering on me and pair fabulously with my NightLift Nightie Baby Doll! The shorts keep everything together so well that it added more room in my bootcut jeans.

NightLift Seamless Boy Shorts sideview

If you are looking for a cute and chic solution to keeping your breasts in place and defy gravity, look no further than NightLift to keep your body in check. Don’t forget the cute boy shorts to show off your assets and feel sexy!

So fresh and so clean.

You can find NightLift on their website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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