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This post is written by Stacy C. She received products from the La Bella line to review in exchange for her honest opinion.

La Bella Cosmetic Gel

I love this gel! I have the type of skin that if I use a cream that is too heavy it makes my face oily, so I love that this product was a gel. It was very cooling as I put it on my face, and made my face feel super clean. This moisturizer absorbed very fast and made my face feel very smooth. I love that the ingredients included Snail extract, after researching this is a very important ingredient in rejuvenating your skin. It has a very slight scent, but it is a clean smell and does not linger after applying. It only takes a small amount and I even used it around my eyes and on my eyelids with no problem. Great product and can’t wait to see my long term results.

La Bella Vitamin E Cream with Aloe Vera

This cream is so light a fluffy it felt so good when I applied it to my skin. I used this product on my face and I couldn’t believe how little I needed. Upon opening it I only used the excess from the lid and It was enough for me to use on my face, my elbows and my shoulders. I got a little sun this weekend and the coolness of this cream felt really nice on my sunburn. This cream was fast absorbing and not greasy at all. I love that it contains Vitamin E and aloe vera. It has a very light calming scent. This product also comes in oil which would be great for burns. Very moisturizing, I didn’t even need to apply moisturizer the next morning after using this cream the night before.

La Bella Rosa Mosqueta Rose Hip Oil with Vitamin E

This product couldn’t of came at a better time, working outside in the sun I got a pretty bad sun burn. After my shower I used this oil to rub into my shoulders and the places that had gotten the most sun. It felt very soothing and moisturizing. My favorite thing about this oil is that it is not thick and greasy. Some of the vitamin E oils I have used in the past are really thick and hard to get rubbed into my skin. I like that this has the vitamin E in it and has more of a liquid consistence which makes it very easy to apply. In my opinion this oil is unscented. Continuous application of this product will help your skin with scars

La Bella Vanishing Cream

This products intention is to soften and lighten dark spots, freckles and other skin discolorations. I myself do not have many dark spots yet, but I do have freckles and a few larger freckles on my arms and legs that I despise. After using this product for about a week, I can tell that after long continual usage it will definitely serve its purpose. Once I opened this cream I got the normal amount on my fingers that I would a normal cream, but it ended up being too much. I used it all over my face and it created almost like a paste on my skin. It dried very quickly and I followed the instructions and added a second layer 2-3 minutes later. It is very absorbing so you will probably want to use a moisturizer after it has dried. It does leave a slight white matte look to your skin, but that will go away after you apply your moisturizer. I also used this in places where I have larger freckles that I would like to diminish. I could tell after about a week the larger freckles I have looked lighter and less noticeable. This product does not have a smell. I will continue to use this product now that I have seen the results in almost a week in hopes that it will completely remove my larger freckles.

Disclosure: Stacy received products from the La Bella line to review in exchange for her honest opinion.


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  1. Tamra Phelps says:

    Looks good! I don’t like heavy creams/moisturizers, makes me feel like I can’t breathe. But my skin has gotten so sketchy since I became diabetic (diabetic dermatitis, dry patchy spots, is pretty common among diabetics), so I’ve become really interested in good moisturizers!


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