Keeping Your Stuff Sand Free at the Beach

Is there anyone else who can agree that summer is pretty much the best thing ever? Warm sunshine, trips to the beach, and lots of relaxing time! The beach is definitely my happy place. The toasty sand and blue water make me a calmer, happier person. The only thing I’m not a fan of is trying to keep our belongings sand-free at the beach!

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It’s been a tradition after the last day of school, our family goes up to the lake house and we enjoy a much needed, week-long vacation. We do lots of cooking out, beach play dates, and fun summer activities.

However, if a try to wedge a can of soda into the sand, next thing I know I’m drinking a sand-infused beverage. It’s nearly impossible to keep sand out of my drink or in the nooks of my phone. If I lay an item underneath my beach chair, when I reach for it, there will be sand all over me.

As a result, Shore Shelf is an awesome way to get enjoy the beach and keep your belongings sand-free. It can be extremely inconvenient and heavy to transport chairs with a tray permanently attached.

If you’re looking for an easy, portable solution, then Shore Shelf is the perfect solution.

Furthermore, I love it because it’s easy to attach to most chairs and tables. Check out this video for quick, simple instructions:

Shore Shelf makes trips to the beach much more relaxing and convenient. I love using my Shore Self also for camping, it’s great for keeping your drink and reading material dirt free! In conclusion, it’s a great accessory for boating, the park, and lounging by the pool. Because it’s so easy and convenient, this is a summer accessory that you won’t want to be without!

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